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Aug 22, 2016

Shutdown notice

I am so sad to tell you that Guy's Blog is, after three years, shutting down.

All posts will not be published since this one and this blog is shutting down on September 1 at 9:00pm my time.

The reason is, because I want to shift focus from writing an almost monthly inactive blog, to a commenting series which will be on YouTube. Of course, that is not a vlog.

The truth is, you are allowed to download all Le Comic issues and all other content from this blog, but do not repost them to other sites without written permission from me.

Jul 12, 2016

The REAL reason they closed Bitstrips

The following content is real.

On July 8, Snapchat influenced Bitstrips closed the original site. They hoped us a new creator, but when it will be made?

They were phone addicted. They didn't know computers existed at the time. Totally obsessed with social media of hell. I say.

Believe or not, this is true. Their foci were changed to the app. Their souls changed to the app. Everything is now the app, "you know, the app is the best, get it NOW!" Don't listen to them. They are hypocrites obsessed with Facebook.

Jun 11, 2016


This Tuesday's the final day of 6th grade. I hope I finished the race 1st on June 28.

May 28, 2016


Nothing to say. Except that I mustn't miss a month without such a blog post.

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