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Aug 9, 2013

Guyisbackable to become Guy Network in June 9 and subsidiary channels to be closed in June 1

Early August 2013, Guyisbackable announced that the channel will change its name into Guy Network, to focus on comedy and fun. There will be no GoAnimate animations, because the GoPlus account, purchased for 2 years in June 9, 2012, will expire. Instead, there will be text-to-speech videos without sign videos, the Microsoft Sam shorts, Funny Windows Errors of 2013, and trailers for upcoming Guy's projects.

Neew logo, looking like similar to Xtranormal's from 2010.

Also, we noticed that Guyisbackable2, Guyisbackable3, Guyisbackable4 and Guyisbackable5 will be closed, permanently; typing URLs of these channels after June 1st may have a "This channel was closed and is no longer available" or similar, depending on the YouTube change, meaning that these channels are no longer available, and also, the videos that were on these channels will no longer be available.

The font used in Guy Network's logo for the "GN" was Knuckle Down, while for the wordmark was Futura-Bold. You can download these fonts on most font sharing services and are available on DaFont. It was made by Guy Phatom.

Also, when you go to Guyisbackable's channel, the channel art was changed; it has the Guy Network logo, Microsoft Sam and the wordmark below the Guy Network logo saying "See you in June 2014". That content is visible on the center of the field of the channel art, also known as cropped field Guyisbackable set. Also, these content are all in black background.

Fox Harper and Guyisbackable Fansite, together with Guyisbackable Fansite Forums, will not be discontinued. The famous name "guyisbackable" and the mascot "Blue Mario" will remain when the Guyisbackable channel is called "Guy Network". The name "guy9374", used on the guy9374 Network, will not be retired, it will remain only on the guy9374 Network and vice versa. The logo of the guy9374 Network and its sister channels will not be changed, permanently.

Here is the teaser for Guy Network, posted on YouTube:

So wait until June 2014 and continue watching videos and subscribing!

Aug 3, 2013

Play.us - new gaming service owned by Guy Phatom, launching soon

Play.us, the new portal for playing games staying opened 24/7, is launching soon. There will be a bunch of games, also known as over 1,000 to choose from.

Play.us logo, which will be available after the first second of the website.

- We confirmed that there will be the new Play.us portal, containing over one thousand games, and the CEO is Guy Phatom, which also owns Fox Harper and Guyisbackable Fansite. - Guy Phatom, on the Journal 1 at 7PM on EVB1.

The web address will be on sites.google.com/site/playus, but after the domain registering, it will be on www.play.us.com.

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