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Jan 31, 2013

New Campaign: Leopold Rocks, but Memy Sucks

On February 4 Guy announced a new video campaign that it can go with GoAnimate-only animations versus TheWarren1995 and his fans, like IamMemy9909 and more. People should see the same look, but instead of "guyisbackable - Animations", you will see "Day ? of the new campaign" from February 4 until April 1, where in this date the campaign should end, and you will see back "guyisbackable - Animations" in white letters just again! It will also go with Leopold, Hitler, The Short Guy Show episodes and more stuff on the whole web of Guy. From Memy to goodies, jacob21703, a guy which will call me "Super Tails", and people who love me except Computerzrul2011, IamMemy9909 and TheWarren1995. The current avatar of the channel will be kept. More 2002KidsChannel will always go into our friending.

Jan 29, 2013

More 6 EVB Channels Get a New Look, but EVB News and Sport Channel Shut Down

EVB6, 7, 8, 9, E and International channels get also the new look.

EVB6 is turquoise colored and will get the Aqua and Air series of idents.

EVB7 is purple and will focuse on violet white laser idents like in Rai 4 should do. It's a music channel.

EVB8 is in the web-color version of blue and will focuse on sports news and streams.

EVB9 is the home of thriller drama and is multi-colored. Main color is grey.

EVBE and International use idents of EVB1.

Vegas Pro Tutorial: How To Put Your Own Subtitles

Subtitles help you watch a video if you can't hear a spoken language. But we now recommend you have Sony Vegas Pro 11 or 12 (I have 11).

1. Open Sony Vegas.

This is a screenshot of a program. Filmed at January 28, 2013 at 8:24 PM (or 20:24 if you use 24 hours).

2. Now you need to insert two video tracks, or you can to add one audio to hear what they talk to these two video tracks.

3. Open the (Legacy) Text menu in Media Generators section and choose "Soft Shadow" on the track #1.

4. Open the Solid Color menu in the same section and choose any color. If you choose black, you can't see the shadow, (I choosed blue) and then put into the track #2. You can there insert any video you want.

5. Then click on the green media icon on the top right corner as you see inserted "Sample Text" text. Then delete it, then click on the Bottom Center placement direction, shorten the size from 72 to 24, and then type your own text in the subtitle. Then it will be shown or the background on video. You can put more subtitles.

And now you have your own subtitles!

Jan 24, 2013

EVB Channels Get a Previous Look, But EVB1 Gets the Modificated Digit One

EVB Television said that its channels will get the old logo again. New idents are taken to be taken again to Animoto's film studio and to be filmed with the same music.

EVB1 will get the modificated digit one. The logos are the parodized Rai logos.

Take a preview to these logos.

EVB1 will get a modificated digit one and previous logo, but color alternated.

EVB2's color just a little darkened because logos will also be alternated.

EVB3's logo just a little modificated and the color got lightened and it's the laptop quality of it.

EVB4 will be the home of entertainment and will launch the new idents except EVB1, EVB2 and EVB3 do. The pink color lightened.

EVB5 will be the home of history, classical music, culture and old entertaiment. Orange lightened and modificated.

Jan 20, 2013

Fox Harper Player Was Introduced

Hey! Guy here and we are now presenting the new Fox Harper Player! This is the new home of Guy by adding some videos from YouTube by linking the video link and searching. This is the new one click website made for some stuff that we recommend use both websites and to understand the informations from them. You can visit any of them. Fox Harper Player is now still in progress.

Jan 14, 2013

The New Privacy Has Come and ITV Got a New Logo

Hey! Serbia, US, UK, Canada and Japan go on the next level and the privacy for five countries is now new and as from January 15, we should monetize videos by skipping one day, but not after January 15.


ITV got a new logo today! What you should know, you can see:

Logo Comparison:

The old ITV1,

and the new ITV!

Old: O New: N

N: Hello Old! I'm New! I am gonna replace you!
O: What the? Are I am missing the 1?
N: Yes. You will be called ITV, not ITV1!
O: Firing you now! Buhahahahahahahaaaaaaa!

guy9374 Productions Became PSYFan Pictures and the guy9374 Network Becomes guyisbackable TV

This year, the 2013, is the end of the guy9374 name. It's just more remaining the guy9374 Network with the same name, and as from September 9, it is guyisbackable TV. If you go to channel 10 from September 9, you will no longer see the guy9374 Network.

We agreed PSYFan Pictures is the new name for the company guy9374 Productions. It is just a new name era and the copyright is still kept of 2012: meaning we forgot to change.

The populated 2012 is still the year of founding of the guy9374 name.

Everything must come to the end.

But we have still the guy9374 Network and lasts until September 9th.

Jan 11, 2013

Converting the 2nd Channel into a Gaming Channel with the Same Name

Changing the look of the 2nd channel may say not the change of name, username and channel background. It should say the changing of the video genre. While we announced that for the very soon happening, it should understand for two YouTube channels of Guy's rebrand (guyislegobuilding and guyisgaming, but not guyisbackable).

After the change, the look only of guyisbackable stays same and will never change. At September 2013, the channel may be full of 200 videos.

It will never be closed.

Here's a video for the future of guyislegobuilding channel.

The Lego reviews soon may be kept and be watched and no longer will be posted from September 2nd.

Jan 9, 2013

Questions about Fox Harper

Fox Harper is, that you know, a website that its name comes from Guy's old Google+ profile. Here are the things that Fox Harper is it.


Not. It's just a website with funny stuff, videos, links, the 20th Century Guy logo, lineup of my TV channel, and meanly, news.


Fox Harper is not only a website with videos, it's just a website with more stuff except it.


They meanly don't know guyisbackable and only subscribe to him.


Yes, but there are more stuff except it.

Jan 8, 2013

How to Be Good Already on YouTube

You know some people call you are not good. Did you know what you can do.

1st: You can block IamMemy9909.
2nd: You can be first instead of second in Angry Birds.

3rd: You can rename YouTube into GuyTube and be famous.

Jan 7, 2013

Seven Days Until the New Privacy

What the? You forgive and about the privacy changing for a week. That is it, you know it is a new era of a channel and we should start with the same, but just a little newly-montaged look on YouTube. The look stays same and as you know, Serbia (the country I live), United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Canada go at the next level and can view videos and it is the newly-montaged look. Croatia, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Germany, Spain and all others except the 5 that they go next, will only like playlists, subscribe to my channel and comment and like playlists, including an information that every country except 5 that go next can only view only one video a day.

Jan 6, 2013

YouTube Review of Guy: guyisgaming

The 3rd channel I made is about some gamings and it is currently demonstrated without videos because I did not prepare for making these videos. These are videos, currently, without music because I want CamStudio, and everybody tells me I cannot get it!

In happiness to ElectryDragonite, on every channel I put the message saying with a template:

(your username) - (your genre of videos)


1st: guyisbackable - Animations

2nd: guyislegobuilding - Lego Machines, Movies

3rd: guyisgaming - Gamings

What you think about gaming?

YouTube Review of Guy: guyislegobuilding

I also opened the 2nd channel and there are Lego reviews only. I sometimes make movies there and post them on YouTube by converting to AVI and giving aunt's smartphone and my uncle's USB charger for his Nokia phone.

Here is the V4 of Lego Bank. Uploaded on December 30.

Jan 5, 2013

Forgive guy9374, Know the guyisbackable?

Update (Dec 6, 2015): You are reading the first post of Guy's Blog. This article may contain little bad grammar due to Guy's age at the time.

October 26 saw the reopening of Guy's appearance on YouTube with a newly opened channel called guyisbackable. With a new look, new name, new everything! guy9374 was opened on January 24 or 26. On these days, January 24, 25 and 26, guyisbackable celebrates the 1st anniversary of his appearing. During January 24, he will post a video called Anniversary in Action. Everybody cannot dislike, they can like only.


From Guy's boredom, the channel on YouTube called guy9374 was opened on January 24 or 26, 2012 and lasted until August 20, which in that day the channel must be closed. It reached over 100 videos, 50 subscribers and 5,000 views.

Reopening as guyisbackable

Guy's mom gave a permission for an account re-opening. Instead of the name guy9374, the word "guy" stayed and the numbers "9374" were replaced by the words "is", "back" and "able" together non-spaced.

Guy was popularized as guy9374 and the name stays all time.

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