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Jan 24, 2013

EVB Channels Get a Previous Look, But EVB1 Gets the Modificated Digit One

EVB Television said that its channels will get the old logo again. New idents are taken to be taken again to Animoto's film studio and to be filmed with the same music.

EVB1 will get the modificated digit one. The logos are the parodized Rai logos.

Take a preview to these logos.

EVB1 will get a modificated digit one and previous logo, but color alternated.

EVB2's color just a little darkened because logos will also be alternated.

EVB3's logo just a little modificated and the color got lightened and it's the laptop quality of it.

EVB4 will be the home of entertainment and will launch the new idents except EVB1, EVB2 and EVB3 do. The pink color lightened.

EVB5 will be the home of history, classical music, culture and old entertaiment. Orange lightened and modificated.

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