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Dec 31, 2015

New Year's speech for start of 2016


We would like 2016 to begin with excellent emotions, exchange of gifts, to-look-forward wonders, not so scary mysteries and so on. However, we hope that everything will be okay as I declare.

I declare that there will be less fights, things and so on. We will also have to expand Road 7 so that it conquers the entire Skype world. The world, centered on me, Joey Walsh and Cruise Blackorby, as governors of Road 7, must show wishes and wonders about good looking and near-coming future.

The ball drop is not welcome to our world, we would like to celebrate the New Year by reading this speech. According to me, my plans for my YT channel is 2016 is to expand activity and launch two new series. One will accompany stick figures and then the second one will be centered on some so-called Guyish-style animation as described by me.

We would not forget to, but we must to say this, Happy New Year!

Dec 26, 2015

Special announcement

As you have noted my unavailability on Skype, it is caused by my loss of Internet access. The reason behind that is my uncle's dad refusing to pay fees for Internet use of December, which caused Internet shutdown on December 12 in my area, with my dad's house still having full access. I may be rarely available on Skype due to my uncle's dad refusing to pay, and my uncle's full laziness caused by anger. I am so grieving, but I am overcoming that with the development a platform game, currently working on a tileset.

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