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Jan 22, 2014

Abstract Triangles!

This era has started first on 234 TV, then came to my channel art, and to this blog!

I made new backgrounds for my YouTube channel, with the channel art having a gradient on the center. It also appears to be similar to my first channel art, the buildings. It is now blue: everything blue.

My new channel art: on YouTube the center is shown

Jan 14, 2014

Guy's Q&A #5: All About Plastic Surgery and YouTube Channel's Closing and Strike Receiving

Current number: 0005

Question #01: What are the common and main reason some YouTube users and/or characters get plastic surgeries?

The common reason is boredom. There are several other reasons. The first main reason is that some characters want to jazz up their avatars, move to something else, or even other stuff they want to do.

There are users on YouTube who get a temporarily plastic surgery. Otherwise they get back to their old known avatars.

Some new avatars also come with new vocal cords, but some don't.

Question #02: Why do people close their YouTube accounts and come back with different names?

There are several reasons. The most common reason is: boredom with the channel name, or they want to move to something else. However, things are always changing, as the logos, and even more.

Also, the reasons are getting strikes, etc. or their accounts are being suspended or even their accounts got terminated.

Question #03: What are reasons YouTube users get strikes?

One of the reason is copyright infringement, which caused people to get a copyright strike. There are other reasons: some people flag them for no reason, and the reporting as the harassment video, which caused people to get a Community Guidelines strike, which expires in six months.

Second strike of each thing not in good standing makes people not to upload videos after two weeks, which caused to people do anything except for that.

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