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Oct 14, 2013

What you can do and what you can't do on GoAnimate, what to do if you're a beginner

GoAnimate is an animating website founded in 2007 by Alvin Hung. It provides creating animations, sales presentations, product demos, video SEO and many more.

What you can do on the website

  1. On GoAnimate, you can make animations using the Video Maker (previously known as Full Video Maker) with a full drag-and-drop interface in choosing characters, backgrounds, sounds or music on the one of 4 tracks, props, speech bubbles and text, and special effects.
  2. You can, also, make animations using the Templates (previously known as Quick Video Maker) with a full step-by-step interface. The first step includes the background, the second a character selection, the third one a dialog type (up to 30 if you're a GoPlus or a Business user, up to 10 if you're a Basic user) and a fourth one the full preview. After watching the preview, click on the Save now button, enter title, description, and - ta-da! You made your own "quick" film.
  3. Both on Video Maker and Templates, you can add voices. Basic users have less voices, while the GoPlus and Business account holders have more voices. On Video Maker to add voices, jsut click on a character, move to "Voice" section if haven't, type your voice up to 120 characters, choose a voice and click on the Add voice button. And - ta-da! Your character now has his own voice. On Templates to add voices, just choose the voice on your character (if custom), and on 2nd one (custom). Then, when you type dialogs for those 2 people - ta-da! On a preview you hear those 2 different voices from 2 different characters.
  4. You can make characters. Basically, you can customize T-shirts, pants, face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, add extras, add glasses, facial hair, beard and many more! If you're a Basic user only, you can't make any characters.
  5. If you're a GoPlus or a Business user, you can make videos longer than 2 minutes. Basic users only have to make videos shorter than 2 minutes. If Basic users make videos longer than 2 minutes, their videos are draft. To make them public or private, they need to upgrade to GoPlus or a Business account.

What you can't do on the website

  1. You can't make characters even if you're a Basic user. You need GoPlus or Business to do that.
  2. Making videos longer than 2 minutes but on a Basic plan makes the video draft.
  3. Basic users have 10 dialog lines on Templates, while GoPlus and Business users have 30 dialog lines.

What to do if you're a beginner

Beginners usually need tutorials for making videos. For them if they don't watch tutorials, GoAnimate will be hard on them.

One of the tutorials can be watched on Guy's Blog right now:

WARNING: The video may be letterbox if on a 4:3 format or else.

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