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Dec 28, 2013

Guy's Q&A #4: 2014 and GoAnimate: The Game

Current number: 0004

Question #01: What we plan for 2014?

2014 will make a fresh start not related to my channel and on GoAnimate, but, to, everything from me. It'll make a change that is not a logo change, but, something related to my videos and my settings.

Until June, I made videos in the original GoAnimate animation format, but, I took a widescreen action in late June and got the result. The 2014 will be a complete year in the 16:9 format of GoAnimate videos.

Question #02: What happens in June 9, 2014?

Animating will be phased out. Goodbye, and never come back. That's the result of the future. After that, no more animating videos and - a big goodbye to all!

You can still be subscribed but, a new kind of animations - fully takes it.

Question #03: What about GoAnimate: The Game?

I just take plenty of work sometimes and the game will be released in mid-2014, a period earlier than that, late 2014 or early 2015. It is currently unknown and I use a tool for making games without programming, but to manage something.

The game is available for those who use GoAnimate only (or those formerly used, so to remember GoAnimate).

Dec 23, 2013

Sneak Peek: Loading Screen for iPhone and iPad and App Icon!

Hey folks!

We also unveiled today and a loading screen and an icon for our mobile app of our GoAnimate: The Game. We have unveiled 3 of stuff we want to share with you: 2 loading screens for our app: iPhone and iPad, and an app icon!

Loading Screen

iPhone version

The loading screen is same as Flash loading screen, only with more sky and a little large field for a bar (white field).

iPad version

App icon

The app icon is white field with "Go" written in a GoAnimate logo font, in orange.

So stay tuned for more sneak peeks and previews!

Dec 18, 2013

Sneak Peek: The Loading Screen, Platforms and the Only Playable Character

Hey folks!

Today we're showing the first sneak peek of our GoAnimate: The Game. It is, for the beginning of our game development, and for the start of the game on the start on your play after the finish of the development, the loading screen!

Loading screen

The loading screen has the game logo on the top center, the "Loading..." text re-ordered to make a "hill" and some white field for the bar. The background is blue like our real life's sky.

Below the "hill" field, a "gradient" from bright green to white appeared, meaning that the white was designed for the free field designed for the loading bar.

Also, a game creator was chosen: the game will be made with Stencyl.

The Playable Character

Hey, we didn't forget something: we also added a playable character that you can play this game as him. We have chosen a Cartoon Classics theme guy appearing on the game screens proud to you, Frankenstein!



The game will work on Flash, but an iOS version is also planned.

Stay tuned for more updates, also including updates on the iOS version, sneak peeks up until the final sneak peek, also known as the announce of the release date of our game! (websites you can play the game a.k.a the game's releasing places will be announced soon)

Goodbye until the next sneak peek!

Dec 11, 2013

Announcing... GoAnimate: The Game!

Hey folks!

Today we announced a new game we are now making - GoAnimate: The Game, an upcoming shoot'em up video game we started making - using Stencyl!

Currently we work on levels, so stay tuned.


If you haven't downloaded Stencyl, on Google, type "stencyl download" and then go to a link where says in blue or purple "Download Stencyl", then click on it.

So stay tuned for first sneak peeks and some previews of our game! We also plan to post it on Newgrounds!

So goodbye until the first sneak peek!

Dec 2, 2013

New Website: The Grounded Forums!

Hey folks!

We're announcing our new website, The Grounded Forums!

The Grounded Forums is an internet forum (or message board) dedicated to grounded videos and its objectives. It has 5 topics dedicated for each theme, in which one of them is about the troublemakers.

The website was launched on December 1, 2013.


  • Fixed header - NEW! on Guy's websites
  • Ability to download the logo as a commercial-themed product's part, or even announcement's parts
  • Rules to read before using
  • Ability to contact about detailed features on the forum
  • "Home" was renamed to "Forum's Start"
  • Full red color - time to make the difference in color liking of Guy!

Link to the website

The website can be reached at http://groundedforums.weebly.com/#/.


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