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Sep 28, 2015


As a result of a decision made by both me and my mom, I got ungrounded.

However it's up to me to respect what she says to me.

Sep 23, 2015

A very sad piece of news

Hello. This is Guy with grief.

You know those September 16 attacks when I was beat up for "spitting" a friend? Well, I got the worst piece of the blog post ever. I got grounded.

My privileges for use of the computer were withdrawn, my Xbox playing privileges were withdrawn, while I could use my phone only for calling my dad and receiving calls.

I am talking with grief and yesterday I got a common cold, which caused me to lose school today. However I'll go tomorrow.

The period when the grounding will end is unknown and I'll tell you that it has ended, when my grounding ends.

Sincerely, guyisbackable.

Sep 11, 2015

Audio blog announcement

Hey everybody, Guy here.

I am announcing an audio blog which will be posted on select Numb-branded channels (Numb2, Numb3, Numb4 and Numb7 are the channels which the audio blog will be posted on), coming complete with an audio blog for the Guyisbackable channel.

You have probably noted that my Guyisbackable channel was being inactive for almost 6 to 10 months due to a hiatus caused by school and laziness. Now I'm getting unleashed from a laziness break and I will launch an audio blog - coming complete with an album being released on iTunes this December, coming complete with twelve monthly pickups from audio blogs from all select channels. This means I'm launching a podcast and I will be the first Serbian (maybe) YouTube channel to produce an audio blog. The audio blog episodes are coming as videos on their premiere releases. Soon they convert to audio. Time may depend but it's usually before 10pm CET (4pm EST, 3pm CST, 1pm PST) on Sundays.

First audio blog is for Numb3 and its premiere date is on September 13.

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