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Feb 25, 2013

Last Week Channel 88 Was Launched

guyislegobuilding and guyisgaming, your favorite two subchannels of Guy (guyisbackable), were innoncently closed and they were replaced by one channel named Channel 88 and also known as Angry German Kid TV by some minor audience from US, Canada, UK and more countries of the full world. Channel 88 will focuse on short programs and will come on TV soon, but here are Harold's Misadventures, new series which involve Harold on some hateful content and Hitler Reviews, the series involving Hitler in some verdicts that won't know the audience.

The Channel 88 logo above at center was unveiled in late January at 12:00 AM.

Feb 16, 2013

Fox Harper Player Was Cancelled?

Fox Harper Player due to non-updating of Guy was cancelled and after thirty days, the site is stopped to exist.

What Guy said from closing:

"-I am tired of two websites. The first thing that occurs is that I can't do on two websites the same thing, but only I need my Fox Harper. I am not Fox Harper! I am Guy Phatom!".

Feb 13, 2013

New Sony Vegas Pro 11 Subtitles from February 15

In the video "Hitler Changes the Subtitles" which is the last video of guyisbackable channel, the new subtitles were debuted in the parody. The date of using them will permanently be February 15, in the announcing of Guy.

The new subtitles will feature the same font and size, but outline makes shadow more darker and black is the color alone to make the "more realistic" and "more darker" shadow. The color black is the outline color.

Here is a video for you to have a look to it. The new subtitles will debut in AGK series and intro, Hitler Parodies and mainly, all Sony Vegas Pro 11 made videos. Subtitles are recommended for people who didn't listen what everybody talks, and are meant to be put.

guyisbackable News: The guy9374 Network is not becoming guyisbackable TV and more one week of campaign being busy

Guy Phatom, one of the faces of the guy9374 Network together with Microsoft Sam and Mike, has announced that there are no need for the guy9374 Network to become guyisbackable TV. Guy said: "Only two times of name change could be, but not more than it", said Guy during the announce. On September 9, people couldn't see the new name. The name "guy9374" will not be defunct.

More one information is that the campaign was not yet finished. It will be finished in February 18 and will launch. Old avatar (the guy9374 Network logo) will return after campaign ends.

Feb 10, 2013

The 150th Video Special: Talk

The 150th video which has come at February 10, 2013 was posted on the guyisbackable channel and it was the annual humor-like celebrating video. Leopold, Hitler and Leopold's dad, Adolf Hitler, were gone to a 3-minute celebration video and it will be "the longest video on guyisbackable channel made on Sony Vegas Pro 11 as from annuals only, and not only the longest video in counting".

Feb 9, 2013

Talk: The Newest Guy's Wiki

I just opened the Newest Guy's Wiki because of my knowledge and my stuff being located there! I do not allow anyone to edit and create pages there! These stuff are only mine and I am not stealing them! See how TvsmanHD2 (also known as Thatlucasglossguyisb on YouTube) types too much faster and gets so horrible on typing pages and types them and makes smarter. I DO NOT ALLOW THIS.

This wiki is only owned by me and I do not really own rights for users making pages.

I do not like this: porgram, becamed, and more incorrect words by that guy. He needs to teach typing.

Feb 4, 2013

guyisbackable News: The campaign was busy, it will be opened next week

People who are working on the new campaign have not finished its full works they need. They did a new logo for guyisbackable TV, new avatars for all three YouTube channels that use the "guy" prefix (guyisbackable, guyislegobuilding, guyisgaming) and new other stuff.

At 3:00 PM, the boss stopped a time for workers to do its own, but they had not finished due to some technical difficulties. Guy is here for a report:

-We will open the new campaign next week, at February 11 - said Guy during the work. He said that workers should work from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM, in which they must sleep. Only some people stop working due to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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