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Sep 10, 2013

New Logo for Colgatepony234 by Guyisbackable

Colgatepony234 is a YouTube channel. Instantly, because of Guyisbackable's 10th birthday, the channel will get a new look, especially made by Guyisbackable himself. It is, maybe, a home-made logo (because Guyisbackable made it in his house).

Idea for rebrand

"We want to make a fresh start especially for our buddy from YouTube, Colgatepony234, to prevent copying an Nkrs200-style logo. We want to transform "colgatepony" into "CP", in an electric-style font. The colors from the previous logo will be kept; aqua, purple, orange and blue. The "2" in the logo will have first two colors on from top left from the previous logo. Other numbers are with only one color." - said from Guyisbackable himself.

Logo Details

The new logo maybe will be considered "shaped". The mostly known reason is: made with PowerPoint 2010. The 2 is made with two "L-shaped" shapes, looking like a letter L, the number 3 is also made with those same shapes, especially the one shape (the one on the bottom) is flipped. The bar on the 3 (the middle part) is replaced by a rectangle, and it's called a "dot". The 4 is similar to RTL4's one, slighty changed and color changed to blue. Especially, the new logo contains a lot of several creativity, like only "rectangles".

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