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Sep 9, 2013

Differences between Ask Guyisbackable and Ask MatthewComedianable

Ask Guyisbackable and Ask MatthewComedianable are two different asking series. While one is posted by guyisbackable, the other one is posted by MatthewComedianable.

Title Card

The font used on Ask Guyisbackable, at the very start of each episode from Episode 3 to present, a text with a typing effect, and a "Comic Book" font appears, saying like this:


On MatthewComedianable's version, the same text appears but in uppercase letters with the "Accidental Presidency" font, like this:




Also, every next word is jumped one line on writing.


  • The "?" refers to a random number of an episode.

Music, and Its Volume

In both Ask Guyisbackable and Ask MatthewComedianable, the same music is used, the "Broadcast News" theme song. Instantly, on episode 1 of Ask MatthewComedianable, the music was changed to a different song after the birthday song, because it was posted on September 7, 2013 (Guy's 10th birthday).


Notably known reason of the music is volume. The volume of the Broadcast News music on Ask Guyisbackable is 50%, while Ask MatthewComedianable keeps its music's volume always 100%. The reason the Ask MatthewComedianable music volume is 100%, is that because the user who made the series didn't knew about the volume for any song. Instantly, Ask Guyisbackable uses 50%, because people can hear asked questions easily.

Deleted Questions

While Ask MatthewComedianable allows two or more questions to be posted by a single user, the Ask Guyisbackable doesn't. If a user posts 2 or more questions on the asking area on any recent episode, all questions except the first one (oldest) will be marked deleted. A deleted question is a form of a question which does not appear in Ask Guyisbackable's any latest episode, but all deleted question(s) will appear every next episode.

Question Snipping

For a little easier making episodes for Ask Guyisbackable, the series uses the "Snipping Tool", a free application included mostly with Windows 7.

Also, Ask MatthewComedianable doesn't use snipping question, because the user who made this series says that "all asking series don't use question snipping".

The "EWMQTOPBSU" badge

The EWMQTOPBSU (standing for Episode Without More Questions Than One Posted by a Single User) is a badge introduced in episode 4 of Ask Guyisbackable. Instantly, the episode who awards this badge is an episode without any deleted questions. Instantly, Ask MatthewComedianable doesn't use this badge.

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