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Sep 5, 2013

Guy's Q&A #1: Blog Decorations, Everything about Guy Network, Fox Harper and Guyisbackable

Welcome to the question answering with a narrator taking questions and Guy answering them, only on Guy's Blog!

Current number: 0001

Question #01: How do you decorate Guy's Blog?

But well, at least, I add some gadgets, but sometimes I update them. Because of that, this makes Guy's Blog grow for a bunch.

Question #02: What is Guy Network?

Guy Network will be a project which will contain three entertainment divisions: Guy Network Art, the art and design division, Guy Network Entertainment, the video production division, and Guy Network NetCheck, the web division. These divisions launch on June 9, 2014, while Guy Network Entertainment will launch three days later. A fourth division, a record label, named Guy Network Records, will plan to launch by Fall 2014.

Question #03: Will Guy Network keep its animations as the "animation library"?

Yes, of course.

Guy Network will not produce newest animations as of June 9, 2014. The old animations will be saved and will be transferred to the category named "the animation library", meaning that the old animations can still be watched as of 2014.

Question #04: Will Guy Network replace guyisbackable?

Yes, because of my GoPlus account expire (I ordered it for two years, in June 9, 2012, at my aunt's 27th birthday). Instantly, the company Guyisbackable inc., Guy's Blog, the guy9374 Network, and everything that is property of Guy will not change its name, instead for guyisbackable.

Question #05: What is Fox Harper?

Fox Harper is a TTS-related website designed for everyone aged 11.5 and up. It has an error request form, a provider to buy Guycks (no real money required, they are non-transferable.) and an error request form with a delayed submission.

Question #06: What is Guyisbackable?

Guyisbackable is a YouTube channel, launched first in January 24, 2012 as guy9374. It relaunched the same year in October 26 as guyisbackable, making it the update of the channel and new name. It will become Guy Network in June 9, 2014.

So that's all for today!

Write any questions us on guyisback11@gmail.com. Don't post them with bad grammar - all with bad grammar will be modified.

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