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Sep 17, 2013

Guy's Q&A #3: Updates for Ask Guyisbackable

Current number: 0003

Question #01: What updates Ask Guyisbackable gets?

At least, I always want to give updates to my asking series, giving it a fresh start from episode 8 to present, as well as a new intro, and a 2nd host, Joey, that will host together with Blue Mario.

Here's the new intro I made:

Question #02: Will the studio be the same or will be different?

I think it will be instantly same. I will talk who asked me and then tell the answer only, but Joey will say "welcome to the next episode of Ask Guyisbackable" and will also say "Now, statistics" at the end. Everything except that will be said by Blue Mario.

Question #03: Will Joey wear glasses?

I think Joey will not. Instantly, he only wears glasses at work except for Ask Guyisbackable.

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