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Jan 28, 2015

Guy reviews: Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding


I just got time to review a snowboarding game that I found during Xbox game hunting of January 26, 2015. I played on my original Xbox, and let's see what will it receive.

The game was released before my most favorite Xbox game, Amped 2, because of the name and the lack of the "stylish" tricks, which are introduced in Amped 2. Now let's comment on the control layout. Today's theme: holding A, X or Y to grab, but always random grab, mostly the tail grab. This made me odd as: I hold those buttons on Amped 2, nothing happens! But on Amped 1, I hold them, then get to the ground, oooohhh I might crash as I would. Also I noticed that you can use the D-pad instead of the left thumbstick but not too much. As I would say this can't be incorporated into a five star rated game, as I agree with those critics as I looked on the web by typing this on the search bar: "amped freestyle snowboarding". Not 10, around 8.2, presumably because of that.

Also I noticed drop points' rides take too short to last since I get around too much points except in Amped 2, when, to presumably avoid confusion, the front flip's points were shortened to 2,500. All clothing offered in-game are changable but there ain't no an option to remove some stuff. For example: in Amped 2 my boarder has brunette spiky hair, red tank, brown pants and brown shoes. There is nothing to comment despite that, but, also I didn't change snowboard after I created my new Amped boarder.

One of the features lacking is the snowskate feature, which is in Amped 2 present since Mt Hood. At least, for example, some sound effects had a little high pitch such as on rails, then altered in Amped 2. In case of the logo, the style of the "amped" wordmark was however, sincerely kept.

The menu style of Amped 2 is the ugliest by mine, because of the font and the rotating effect between sections.

More to come soon.

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