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Jul 23, 2014

"Русская версия" part 4 - Back to 16-bit and Somari

If you haven't read Part 1, click here. For Part 2, click here. For Part 3, click here.

Actually, we have come to the end of this 4-part trilogy about Russian bootlegged video games. But don't worry! We'll still talk about my hate of bootleg games and my own reactions to them.

Now, we go back to 16-bit, and now with ANOTHER pirate, now it copied Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. We now have to comment on ONLY one TMNT game!

Screenshot from "TMNT-The legend returns"

Ah, yeah. Here we go again. That same Russian company, now does hacks again! First we saw a badass hack of some game (Cannot remember title!) and Despicable Me 2 (game, not movie) came from it at all, from Russian company's permission. But, this one has "Возвращение легенды", which means "The legend returns". Which legend returns? WHICH? Oh god...

This has the same menu as Mario 3 and Mario 4, and the infamous "Русская версия" wordmark on its box art, and is there called simply as TMNT.
And we got Super Mario World 64, another Mario ripoff for Sega Genesis. Again. Just, I see, it is not made in Russia, but, A COVER ART FROM 2013 HAVING THE INFAMOUS WORDMARK EXISTS! Uh, my tongue is starting to, just hurt, but, I will make a break for one screenshot.
Screenshot of Super Mario World 64's menu. It is not Russian, but it is however sold in the same country too.


Now let's go to 8-bit. We now have Somari. But, it's not that Russian clone but it is however sold in that country. It is 8-bit and was released for the NES, and ONLY in the regions where pirate cartridges were distributed and sold. However, misspells...continue to occur.

Screenshot from Somari's title screen

Someri Team. What kind of this industry is? Ah yes, I got that. It's what Hummer Team lies. Somari is Mario and Tails mixed - Mario wearing Tails' shoes. And I hate that stupid "Ge De Industry Company". "Ge De?" What the **** is that? Ah yeah, they are just some forms of Hummer Team's publishing games.

The end.

"Русская версия" part 3 - beyond 16-bit pirated games

NOTE: If you haven't read part 1, it is here. If you haven't read part 2, it is here.

Still ongoing, but let's talk about just beyond 16-bit games. On Kotaku.com I have just found pirates of Xbox 360 games, with the infamous wordmark "Русская версия" again, now in a different font, and now being placed on bottom right. Let's now look at what I screenshotted from Kotaku.com:

"Русская версия" wordmark on a pirated copy of an Xbox 360 game, claiming it's on DVD

Yeah. You can see the red circled "Русская версия" wordmark on a red band, on the bottom right corner of a pirated copy of Batman: Arkham City for the Xbox 360. Yeah, on Xbox 360. On the top right on any Xbox 360 game, you can see "DVD-ROM" logo on the top right of every Xbox 360 game (including this one), with those Russian bad-ass copycats claiming they're DVD games.

Ah, yes. Xbox 360 was released in 2005, months before the release of huge seventh gen platforms, the PS3 and the Wii.

Part 4 will be the end of this story, but tomorrow, we are continuing to talk about bootleg! In part 4, I'll go back to 16-bit and meet 8-bit.

"Русская версия" part 2

NOTE: If you haven't read part 1, read it here.

We're back on bootleg games truth, talking still about Russian bad-ass pirated games that you should throw them to trash. Now, we got to talk about other stuff, except for just pirated games from Mario series (Mario 3 and Mario 4) but we have to know the name of a Russian company who makes those games, but they do not promote names in their box arts.

Right now, the truth of what they do is currently unknown, but let's now comment on a pirate Despicable Me 2 game, in which there is no official releases for 8- and 16-bit platforms (those non-pirated). Now, we are talking about a hacked game (not as non-hacked original pirate things such as Mario 4 and Mario 3).

 Screenshot of "Гадкий Я 2", which is Russian meaning for "Despicable Me 2"

And yeah, I see that, I think it's a balance-in job of drawing things that I can imagine. The real reason they make is because they, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the franchise! However, I think the creator of this game is the same company that has made Mario 3 and 4. Yeah. I just think, but it can be for the thing that is just truth.

Bootleg video games from Russia and "Русская версия"

Oh well. Bootleg video games, all, bootleg. But I cannot believe, why one unknown, Russian company, makes a lot of bootlegs, like that crap "Mario 4" and "Mario 3", and its infamous wordmark in Russian, saying "Русская версия" (Russian for "Russian version"). And, yeah, bootlegs. They suck! Hopefully:

  1. you buy one game, thinking it's original.
  2. you come home, check the Internet,
  3. and you find that the game you bought is a bootleg!
That is how unscrupulous video game companies like the franchises even, Mario, Sonic, TMNT, and other populars, are bootlegged! I saw on the Bootleg Games Wiki about bootlegged franchises, and who can know that badass Russian company's name that made Mario 4?

 Screenshot of "Mario 4" from Bootleg Games Wiki

And, yeah, Mario 4. It's all in Russian and Cyrillic, complete name in Russian: "Марио 4 - Космическая одиссея", which means "Mario 4 - Space Odyssey. And yeah, that was right.

 Screenshot from "Mario 3"

Now we faced Mario 4's successor, "Mario 3"! And yeah, the menu is similar to the Mario 4's, and full name of the game is: "Марио 3 - Вокруг света", meaning "Mario 3 - Around the World". Yeah. Those bootlegs, all from Russia, the Dendy, and everything, is now being placed away from my head.

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