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Oct 27, 2013

Stories about Nintendo On - What is this???

Nintendo On is a fake video game console, unveiled at a video created by Pablo Belmonte from Spain, known by his display name psycho3ler. The video was created and posted shortly before Nintendo unveiled the Wii/Revolution (codename) at Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2005. As a result, "psycho3ler" (Pablo Belmonte) posted it as a "leaked Revolution trailer" as well. The hoax video (posted on YouTube in 2006 by a channel called Andrex) was beinng considered one of the greatest hoaxes in the world. The video lasts 6 minutes and 21 second, beginning with a Nintendo console history and ending with a start of Mario's adventure. By many, they choosed a Nintendo On video as a "true announcement of Nintendo's next generation system", codenamed Revolution and later born as Wii.

The Video

Oct 17, 2013

Rules for choosing a New Troublemaker

If you want a new series that will succeed Bad Kevin by the end of 2013, beginning of 2014 or anything else, you should read this rules before voting on YouTube.


When a character has more votes than the another one, he/she'll move to next level. After completing the level 4, he'll win. When a character has less votes than the another one, he/she'll be disqualified from the contest. Clicking a like button means you're voting a left-displayed character. Clicking a dislike button means you're voting a right-displayed character. If two characters have the equal votes in counting, the random character will be moved to the next level, while the another one will be disqualified.

Oct 14, 2013

What you can do and what you can't do on GoAnimate, what to do if you're a beginner

GoAnimate is an animating website founded in 2007 by Alvin Hung. It provides creating animations, sales presentations, product demos, video SEO and many more.

What you can do on the website

  1. On GoAnimate, you can make animations using the Video Maker (previously known as Full Video Maker) with a full drag-and-drop interface in choosing characters, backgrounds, sounds or music on the one of 4 tracks, props, speech bubbles and text, and special effects.
  2. You can, also, make animations using the Templates (previously known as Quick Video Maker) with a full step-by-step interface. The first step includes the background, the second a character selection, the third one a dialog type (up to 30 if you're a GoPlus or a Business user, up to 10 if you're a Basic user) and a fourth one the full preview. After watching the preview, click on the Save now button, enter title, description, and - ta-da! You made your own "quick" film.
  3. Both on Video Maker and Templates, you can add voices. Basic users have less voices, while the GoPlus and Business account holders have more voices. On Video Maker to add voices, jsut click on a character, move to "Voice" section if haven't, type your voice up to 120 characters, choose a voice and click on the Add voice button. And - ta-da! Your character now has his own voice. On Templates to add voices, just choose the voice on your character (if custom), and on 2nd one (custom). Then, when you type dialogs for those 2 people - ta-da! On a preview you hear those 2 different voices from 2 different characters.
  4. You can make characters. Basically, you can customize T-shirts, pants, face shape, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, add extras, add glasses, facial hair, beard and many more! If you're a Basic user only, you can't make any characters.
  5. If you're a GoPlus or a Business user, you can make videos longer than 2 minutes. Basic users only have to make videos shorter than 2 minutes. If Basic users make videos longer than 2 minutes, their videos are draft. To make them public or private, they need to upgrade to GoPlus or a Business account.

What you can't do on the website

  1. You can't make characters even if you're a Basic user. You need GoPlus or Business to do that.
  2. Making videos longer than 2 minutes but on a Basic plan makes the video draft.
  3. Basic users have 10 dialog lines on Templates, while GoPlus and Business users have 30 dialog lines.

What to do if you're a beginner

Beginners usually need tutorials for making videos. For them if they don't watch tutorials, GoAnimate will be hard on them.

One of the tutorials can be watched on Guy's Blog right now:

WARNING: The video may be letterbox if on a 4:3 format or else.

Oct 13, 2013

Guy's Blog Reportage #1: Car inflamed in the southwest part of the center of my city

How my dad and I said, an old grey car sometime at 12:(something) PM got inflamed in the southwestern road to the center of our city. It was on Saturday, October 12, 2013, and I was with my dad. There were firefighters who cleaned up the fire, opened the top left exterior corner of the car door and saw there isn't a driver who owned the car as well. We were fleeing to be careful because of a proposed explosion. The explosion didn't happened as well. With his phone that has Windows Mobile (an old version of Windows Phone that was discontinued), we recorded that event, and WASN'T posted on my YouTube channel due to my voice and age. However, I can record real-life videos for YouTube but I won't hear any voice from my housemates that live in my house, number 52.

Oct 10, 2013

Guyisbackable Reviews Microsoft Sam: The Movie

Microsoft Sam: The Movie is my own film, still in production. 3/15 parts were done. Part 4 will be planned today OR tomorrow. It stars Microsoft Sam as the flagship star in the movie.

How it all began?

It all began with the first part of a movie, with a part of it dedicated to Microsoft Sam's performance of his own first song produced in 2004 called Fat but sexy, on the arena of the Republic Song Contest of 2013 in Guy City.

Which part has the shortest plot?

Part 2. Why? Because it has a news program with only textual stories and only one single report by a reporter Microsoft Mary in Guy City. The news broadcast from the same city, as well, on another street. They broadcast from Unknown Street 28 in the Guy City, Republic of Guy's capital city.

Are there any highlights?

Yes! There's one in part 1 and one in part 3! Instantly, I must look up for songs sung by Microsoft Sam in a way I don't like, the way he talks instead of singing. I'll find them on the Internet.

Where will Part 4 locate?

It will locate in a single elevator, with Sam just being, looking up at elevator errors, crashes, being secure not to being stuck, and much more. The guest Mike will appear later in that same part.

Will be any full parts that take in night at city?

Yes. It will be Part 5 or Part 6.

Is there a poster?

Yes! Here's it, you can look at it right now!

It features Sam, Mike and Mary in one empty statue without anyone, as Sam, Mike and Mary are three flagship stars in the movie. The background behind that statue, Sam, Mike, and Mary is a dark-red gradient.
The statue is blue. In front of the statue, Sam, Mike and Mary, there is a text planted on it, the movie's off-screen logo and its release date. Above the statue, the text in front of it, Sam, Mike and Mary behind the text, there is a sentence saying:

Two, one, SOI!

in a yellow Accidental Presidency typeface. The movie is rated PG-13 due to mild strong language and mild violence in the movie, so anyone under 10 is NOT SUITABLE to view this movie.

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