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Jun 21, 2015

A spicy day

Today I went to the shop and bought a hamburger. Yes, a spicy hamburger. Aaaah!!!!!! While I ate it, I had to drink cola and water. I'll explain this in a humorous way.

A nice, sunny day, 1:30pm. Finally sunny on solstice. Me and my dad started walking the streets, turned right and went into a small but a rich bitch like fast food restaurant. Before that, we called it to cook the patty. Aaah, a patty fulfilled with chili pepper and lotsa garlic!!! Sounded like spicier than salsa, but meat was also included.

I enter the restaurant. Bread and the patty were however ready. Then I started ordering ingredients, all of them were sauces. Ketchup, mustard, some cheese sauce and a spicy pepper sauce salad were what I wanted for a really historic challenge: eating something spicy. Aahhh! Spicy and more spicy!

We do the reverse. I climb the slope, my dad takes the hamburger. And we don't eat it till we arrive home. Then we arrive home. I cross the school, the dad crosses the pavement. I was walking humorously and was careful not to touch the grass because, as my dad said, "something will bite me!". Outside the house, I run till the door. I opened it, dad says " haha, you can't enter without key!" and soon as he was close, he was like "oh, I forgot my keys!". That was funny.

I enter the house, wash my hands. Dad pours cola for me, I start eating the burger, it was like "aaahhh!!!! Tears from spicy patty!" and it went like that. I eat it, still spicy. I start drinking coke. I saw garlic, I eat it and it was like "grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Spicy like hell!!!" while I didn't take care of it and continue eating.

I finish eating, already drank a glass of cola and one of water. It was like "yay! I survived", went to the bathroon, again washed my hands, and was able to hold all of it.

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