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Dec 23, 2014

3-hour non stop time on Xbox

December 23 - Again got grounded. It was significantly boring as I was banned from computer. So, at 4:58 pm, I grabbed my controller, put a game and started playing non stop. Isn't it awesome? Well, it is. I have played two games: Big Mutha Truckers 2 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Before that I took KitKat, spicy Tuc crackers and started the adventure.

My favorite moments are when I "gambled" in BMT2. Well, it is when I went to the bar and played Red Dog, Snap and Blackjack. Those are my favorite casino card games. Not to mentioned. I played poker too.

In GTA Vice City I beat a mission involving the murder of Gonzales, multiple times. I can't remember the name of the mission because the game is in German.

More to be continued as I do the same again tomorrow.

Dec 22, 2014

Guy's Q&A #9: Rebrand tales

Current number: 0009

1. As the rebrand affected Guyisbackable inc. does this affect Guy's Blog since its logo has the same typeface as the logo of Guy's Q&A does?

Unfortunately yes, because of a new project named Twelve, starting on January 1. This project lasts until September 7, when all things are gathered together to form what will happen to Guyisbackable in his 12th birthday.

2. Is everything about to be changed?

No. The Guyisbackable Network and my YT channels remain the same.

3. Well, but at what time the Guy's Blog logo changes?

December 22, 2014.

Nov 24, 2014

Guy's Q&A #8: New Year's Eve in Guyisbackable's Real Life

Current number: 0008

1. What will you do for New Year's Eve?

Between 9pm and possibly 12:30pm, I'll not be home, but, before that day or 9pm, I will prepare requirements for the party. This includes me "self-crafting" 5 digits (2, 0, 1, 4 and 5) in 5 colors, so at midnight I'm smashing the digit 4 and putting 5 to be next to 1.

As the end of 2014 is getting near and near, as I'm also crafting the flag with "2015" on it, on a white background. 

2. Will you greet the NY on the Internet?


Nov 1, 2014

Comparing Uno decks: original and the "Special Summer Edition"

Uh, Chinese products are bloating out today's stores in my area, so I had to review two Uno decks: the original and the Special Summer Edition.

The Uno Special Summer Edition is just a vacation-based version of Uno, without special cards, and having rules in Chinglish. Let's take a look on the cards.


Reverse of an Uno card (left: original, right: Special Summer Edition)

We see that the left card reverse is the original Uno (Chinese version that I own), and the right is, what the fuck? Crudely drawn sun? Hmm, it would look like that the Special Summer Edition, hmm, does not relate to the original Uno, but except for the logo, which is a little modified from the one mentioned on the left.

Top row: 4 cards from Special Summer Edition. Each one indicates the number 5 in 4 colors.
Middle row: 4 cards from the original Uno. Each one indicates the number 5 in 4 colors.
Bottom row: Wild and Wild Draw 4 cards, in both original and Special Summer Edition's looks

Aw, the Special Summer Edition's cards have a total reference to the pre-Mattel era Uno (the one from 1971 to 1992) and the backgrounds of the cards: red is sunset, yellow: what the fuck? Sun on sand with a crab? Uh oh. The green is some random forest, and the blue is a clear azure sky with a sea on the bottom half. However the numbers are solid.

For the Wild and Wild Draw Four cards, I see, what the fuck? The balls? Oh my god, this is no perfect than the other deck. (original one)

 Top row: Two cards: a red 6 and a red 9 (SSE)
Middle row: Two cards: a red 6 and a red 9 (Original)
Bottom row: Two blank cards that are different in color (SSE)

Hmm, when you buy a Special Summer Edition card deck, you'll notice that the numbers 6 and 9 have no horizontal bars below them, so people may mix them, such as placing a yellow 9 over a green 6 (does not depend on color or order). Don't forget to read what are the correct numbers, look on the top left corner of each card!

I also had to get out the blank cards, which are different in color shade! (Actually there are no red, blue, green or yellow blank cards, just those purple).

Top row: 3 blue cards from SSE (Draw 2, Skip, Reverse)
Bottom row: 3 blue cards from the original Uno (Draw 2, Reverse, Skip, note a little bad printed Reverse card)

Hmm, the shadow order is inverted, meaning you'll have to turn the card upside down in order to get normal shadow like on the original. If you flip the flipped card that has normal shadow, the reverse is upside down!

For the original, the shadow matches its order.


As I know the Uno rules since I've played the Flash version of it, I just felt that, when I got rules, I just detected Chinglish in it. For that, I'm going to show out a part of the rules that I got with SSE deck, as the quote:
Each player is  dealt seven  cards,  the remaining  cards are placed face down in the  center of the table to form the drawpile. The top ca rd of the drawpile is turned  over and placed next to the drawpile to form the discard pile.
The first player selects  a  card from his hand by matching  either  colour,   number, or word of the top card in the discard pile.
You see, this is example of how the SSE rules of Uno look like, just a short part. We see that the spacing is too bad, and you can see that the product may be possibly made in China.

Sep 21, 2014

Ah, just inactive


I'm not very active on Guy's Blog, but, just to remind you, that Guy's Blog is not shutting down and nothing else will be handed over to other sources.

By the way I'll still update Guy's Blog, but due to laziness and school, no posts are coming daily - what to do.

Aug 20, 2014

"Русская версия" part 5 - AGAIN!?

We've once back with Russian ripoffs, actually I found 1 more Russian game!

Actually it's a Russian shitty pirate game called Ben 10 based on a popular TV series I loved (Slowly stopping to love), using the same engine as TMNT: Возвращение легенды, also known as slow gameplay, and 2 enemies maximum to appear on the screen. And, yeah, it sucks cock like no games has ever sucked ever before.

Due to a problem I'm unable to show the screenshot from the main menu.

Actually part 6 will focus on something else about pirates, so.

Aug 16, 2014

Guy's Q&A #7: The Guyisbackable XXL rumor

Current number: 0007

1. What is "Guyisbackable XXL"?

It will be a new video game. You have to go around Serbia, Indonesia, Belgium and US to meet my fans etc. and it is a 3D platformer. You battle against Zhen Hao's sockpuppets and company, and you pick lots of blue coins. Pick everything collectable, and Russia is unlocked for you!

2. What you do in each country?

Each "country" has a lots of territory, etc. Serbia covers the bottom half of Europe while Belgium covers the upper half of Europe. Indonesia covers the entire Asia except the Russia's part - Russia keeps its own territory alongside the US.

You do everything different. From tasks to stuff, everyone wants to talk to you in a different language's accent of English, etc. one Russian will speak like this: "Ar yu vanna fok vyt my?" in some vulgar content scenes hidden in the game in Russia.

3. How many stages?

Approximately 35 (28 if Russia not unlocked). Each stage is hard to complete. From battles to long tasks, boredom can decrease with the game, so.

4. More info?

In the next edition of this online publishing! 

Jul 23, 2014

"Русская версия" part 4 - Back to 16-bit and Somari

If you haven't read Part 1, click here. For Part 2, click here. For Part 3, click here.

Actually, we have come to the end of this 4-part trilogy about Russian bootlegged video games. But don't worry! We'll still talk about my hate of bootleg games and my own reactions to them.

Now, we go back to 16-bit, and now with ANOTHER pirate, now it copied Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. We now have to comment on ONLY one TMNT game!

Screenshot from "TMNT-The legend returns"

Ah, yeah. Here we go again. That same Russian company, now does hacks again! First we saw a badass hack of some game (Cannot remember title!) and Despicable Me 2 (game, not movie) came from it at all, from Russian company's permission. But, this one has "Возвращение легенды", which means "The legend returns". Which legend returns? WHICH? Oh god...

This has the same menu as Mario 3 and Mario 4, and the infamous "Русская версия" wordmark on its box art, and is there called simply as TMNT.
And we got Super Mario World 64, another Mario ripoff for Sega Genesis. Again. Just, I see, it is not made in Russia, but, A COVER ART FROM 2013 HAVING THE INFAMOUS WORDMARK EXISTS! Uh, my tongue is starting to, just hurt, but, I will make a break for one screenshot.
Screenshot of Super Mario World 64's menu. It is not Russian, but it is however sold in the same country too.


Now let's go to 8-bit. We now have Somari. But, it's not that Russian clone but it is however sold in that country. It is 8-bit and was released for the NES, and ONLY in the regions where pirate cartridges were distributed and sold. However, misspells...continue to occur.

Screenshot from Somari's title screen

Someri Team. What kind of this industry is? Ah yes, I got that. It's what Hummer Team lies. Somari is Mario and Tails mixed - Mario wearing Tails' shoes. And I hate that stupid "Ge De Industry Company". "Ge De?" What the **** is that? Ah yeah, they are just some forms of Hummer Team's publishing games.

The end.

"Русская версия" part 3 - beyond 16-bit pirated games

NOTE: If you haven't read part 1, it is here. If you haven't read part 2, it is here.

Still ongoing, but let's talk about just beyond 16-bit games. On Kotaku.com I have just found pirates of Xbox 360 games, with the infamous wordmark "Русская версия" again, now in a different font, and now being placed on bottom right. Let's now look at what I screenshotted from Kotaku.com:

"Русская версия" wordmark on a pirated copy of an Xbox 360 game, claiming it's on DVD

Yeah. You can see the red circled "Русская версия" wordmark on a red band, on the bottom right corner of a pirated copy of Batman: Arkham City for the Xbox 360. Yeah, on Xbox 360. On the top right on any Xbox 360 game, you can see "DVD-ROM" logo on the top right of every Xbox 360 game (including this one), with those Russian bad-ass copycats claiming they're DVD games.

Ah, yes. Xbox 360 was released in 2005, months before the release of huge seventh gen platforms, the PS3 and the Wii.

Part 4 will be the end of this story, but tomorrow, we are continuing to talk about bootleg! In part 4, I'll go back to 16-bit and meet 8-bit.

"Русская версия" part 2

NOTE: If you haven't read part 1, read it here.

We're back on bootleg games truth, talking still about Russian bad-ass pirated games that you should throw them to trash. Now, we got to talk about other stuff, except for just pirated games from Mario series (Mario 3 and Mario 4) but we have to know the name of a Russian company who makes those games, but they do not promote names in their box arts.

Right now, the truth of what they do is currently unknown, but let's now comment on a pirate Despicable Me 2 game, in which there is no official releases for 8- and 16-bit platforms (those non-pirated). Now, we are talking about a hacked game (not as non-hacked original pirate things such as Mario 4 and Mario 3).

 Screenshot of "Гадкий Я 2", which is Russian meaning for "Despicable Me 2"

And yeah, I see that, I think it's a balance-in job of drawing things that I can imagine. The real reason they make is because they, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the franchise! However, I think the creator of this game is the same company that has made Mario 3 and 4. Yeah. I just think, but it can be for the thing that is just truth.

Bootleg video games from Russia and "Русская версия"

Oh well. Bootleg video games, all, bootleg. But I cannot believe, why one unknown, Russian company, makes a lot of bootlegs, like that crap "Mario 4" and "Mario 3", and its infamous wordmark in Russian, saying "Русская версия" (Russian for "Russian version"). And, yeah, bootlegs. They suck! Hopefully:

  1. you buy one game, thinking it's original.
  2. you come home, check the Internet,
  3. and you find that the game you bought is a bootleg!
That is how unscrupulous video game companies like the franchises even, Mario, Sonic, TMNT, and other populars, are bootlegged! I saw on the Bootleg Games Wiki about bootlegged franchises, and who can know that badass Russian company's name that made Mario 4?

 Screenshot of "Mario 4" from Bootleg Games Wiki

And, yeah, Mario 4. It's all in Russian and Cyrillic, complete name in Russian: "Марио 4 - Космическая одиссея", which means "Mario 4 - Space Odyssey. And yeah, that was right.

 Screenshot from "Mario 3"

Now we faced Mario 4's successor, "Mario 3"! And yeah, the menu is similar to the Mario 4's, and full name of the game is: "Марио 3 - Вокруг света", meaning "Mario 3 - Around the World". Yeah. Those bootlegs, all from Russia, the Dendy, and everything, is now being placed away from my head.

Jun 28, 2014

Amusetravel 2014: journey 1 out of 3 - June 27, 2014, 17:30 CET

Journey one was done - let's describe the rides I rided two out of approximately 8 rides. Next journey is on June 28 at 15:00 CET.

Number one: roundabout #1 (2 extra rides)

It was a roundabout. I was taking the seat (it was not the cars around) and, starting to be in the anti-gravity world. Too, I also won two extra rides, catching that mascot Beary (how I call it) and another time, and then, one girl catched it the third time. It was super, great, and my mom showed a thumbs up position for winning two extra rides. A ride worker managed the ride and my mom paid just $1.179. What a shame!

Number two: A carousel #1 (no extra rides)

A plane carousel. Contained five planes in five colors: green, yellow, blue, red, purple. I chose the yellow one, because the green was too small for me, thinking it is extremely for younger kids. Took the seat and, it is just going up, going down, all around in the right direction.

Unrided and planned number three: Turbo Car (ride will happen in the 2nd journey)

The biggest roundabout and the biggest item after that pirate swinging ship, after a slide. It is like the first roundabout except it has its own license box with a worker! So big, and it is very tall, just, and you can see the entire amusement park. I saw only a FEW people rided a Turbo Car. It however has no damages - my mom thought it had, but it was false! Turbo Car had no damages and was very fast! I hope you stay tuned for the 2nd journey, in which we'll do the ride!

Jun 23, 2014

The Guyisbackable Amusetravel 2014!

The first in the series! Beginning June 27, and lasting until August 28, the Guyisbackable Amusetravel 2014 is starting in a few days! So prepare your seatbelts and go to wild adventures with Guyisbackable!

Explore wild rides, slides, the TURBO CAR, the Gully Mully roundabout, and most of good fun that you should be tuned live on the Internet when Guyisbackable comes home!

Premiering at 6:30 PM CET on June 27, the Amusetravel 2014 starts with only a few of the rides commented online at 10:30 PM CET!

Jun 21, 2014

Beginning to Transform Guyisbackable Into a Gaming Channel

Well, since my dad is starting to buy a new computer for me, which I say it is a gaming PC, I am going to transform the Guyisbackable YouTube channel into a gaming channel without commentary, through there will be some LP's and checkmarking! :)

Then, I'll start playing professional video games for PC and borrow his PS2-like controller for games, in order to play SOME games, not all, and to increase rapidly my popularity and possibly gain a bunch of freakin' G+ followers, I hope 1,000 at once.

It is interesting, though, I hope this all happens to me, and I'll be behind the most popular from YouTube. I hope this dream comes true, and even to surpass PewDiePie and to be the popular figure on this, entire website and to gain tons of subs :) :)!

Jun 4, 2014

Kill Garrett Shuts Down Due to a Garrett Fan Possibly Trying to Report the Website to FBI

It was true.

Live Benamore closed Kill Garrett, an anti-GarrettComedian website. Launched in March 1, 2014, it was going to be a website targeting GarrettComedian and his fans' account, which are for closure. However, Garrett's first account did got hacked by Daxter5150.

The reason was actually when a Garrett fan tried to report Kill Garrett, its content and owners, to FBI. However, it was known that the website will be brought back by Guyisbackable at killgarrett.webs.com and every IP address of Garrett's fans' cities will be blocked in order to prevent Kill Garrett access.

Jun 3, 2014

Discussing the Bitstrips Avatar

Well, everybody was maybe asking this question about my character:

Why do you have an unique Bitstrips avatar, not your character?
The answer is:

I opened my Bitstrips account on November 2012, and the reason my avatar is different was because it was made before Blue Mario was invented (he was invented on February 2013). As a result, I decided to have an unique avatar, but I kept my colors! Blue shirt, brown spiky hair, blue pants and black shoes - build up my "unique" Bitstrips avatar never made.

Something is not over! My avatar was made when I opened the account. I was making unpublished, then knew for publishing, then started Comedy, hmm...

...and over again.

May 31, 2014

"Twitter freakout 1"

Rage at new Twitter font? Well, exclusively on Guyisbackable, you can see my rage over the new font on a new video that I'll post on YouTube. Entitled "Twitter freakout 1", the animated video on my channel will debut somewhere on my channel. Stay tuned!

May 18, 2014

Two News!

Today, we got two news:


When it was originally a spinoff of a video by Drakonchik1989, only one level was made. Later, I decided to scrap all the levels and start over. Mad Alex is now a game similar to a 2D shooter.

The same Alex goes over and over again. For the first time, in a 2D ship-like shooter, he is not in a ship: he has his own XP, and his own lives! :)

Actually, I removed the main menu but kept the title screen. That is it, now it can rock like it DOES! :) :)


After I got news while in a chat called "Anti-Chrome Hangout" which was a Hangout, I had to respect Joey's opinion. Today, I got good news:

I downloaded Firefox. Uninstalled Chrome, as well, it is now better than ever! :) :)

May 13, 2014

How I started Mad Alex

Yesterday I got bored about making a game. Then, at all, I have started something on the same program I used to make Urkanoid 2. It was Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer.

I started a game called Mad Alex, a video game-styled thing similar to the YouTube video Желтый ВиД uploaded by Drakonchik1989.

Alex was created. He is a boy with a brown hair, blue shirt, red pants and cyan shoes. His hand is very magic. He can use it to shoot at the enemies, so.


The controls are: 
  • press A to shoot
  • press Space to jump
  • use left and right arrows to move Alex
When I thought about porting it into PS3, Space can be the cross while A can be the R2. To move Alex, use the D-pad or the analog stick.


The concept of the HUD was thought by me. Originally it went to include the timer, but I removed it later, and replaced hearts with a number counter for lives, next to the "x" string. A score counter even after the first HUD remains the same, so.

Later I made the HUD transparent, at coefficient being the number 50.

Apr 4, 2014

Guyboarding: Demo

Hey! Guyboarding Demo is complete, along with the full version, which is officially released on May 19, 2014, but available currently on the website only after we make the game. The full version will be complete in some days before Tuesday, in which I will have an operation in the hospital, staying there at approximately 4-5 hours, or even after it.

Guyboarding: Level 10 is the boss battle, Guy versus Devil Guy

Kart battle! Like you were playing Mario Kart, you can enjoy a part of Guyboarding, in the game called "Guykarting". In it, you are having a kart battle against the computer. Devil Guy is the red Guy with devil horns and a blue kart. That is the reverse of Guy's kart, which is red.

Level 10 is divided into 4 different frames, in which the first 3 are the prepares for the battle, broadcasted on the TV station "RTV Knip", which is really invisible when you play the level. The score does not, however, add 1 to it every second, it goes static! In level 11, the score will add 1 to it every second again.

Apr 1, 2014

Guyboarding: will I continue development or cancel it?

Actually, I was thinking for several days before the development for a concept of a new official game made by me, with 30 levels. I recently made 8 levels, and I have remaining 22 levels.

But, actually, I am THINKING about the 9th level concept: is it in the factory, etc. or anywhere else, or will I cancel it?

Answer: No! I will not cancel Guyboarding because it will be complete and will be released in May 19. Actually, everybody can download a full version, which will be soon purchasable-only version.

The demo is unlimited. Contains ten levels with the 10th one being a boss. It is not major fraud, it is real. However, I will have a tutorial to make a boss so far soon. The 10th, 20th and the 30th level have a gray checker and a dark gray background, as the "basement".

Mar 29, 2014

A Notice About "In Real Life" Videos

On YouTube, I have recently found several "in real life" videos, which I found them however, by typing "In real life" videos, preceding with a good user name.

These videos and its makers' message which is now posted on Guy's Blog is a warning for them. The videos in which a good user is presented in a fake real life, can lead to major fraud.

If you continue to make "in real life" videos, I will terminate your account without notices on Gmail until 30 days after the account was terminated in case to be away from fraud.

If I find you making "in real life" videos from your new account, I will contact YouTube to terminate you forever. To be free from this notice, delete all your "in real life" videos now (except for me in which I do not want to decrease my videos' number).

I am, not as a joke, proclaiming "in real life" videos dead when I post this notice.

-Blue Mario

Mar 28, 2014

Guyboarding delayed to be released on May 15, 2014

For unknown reasons, Guyboarding was delayed for release on May 15, 2014. No reasons were added.

Mar 24, 2014

Guyboarding launch party scheduled for April 19, 2014

On April 19, 2014, at midnight, Guyboarding is released. A mix up of a skateboarding game and a platform game will finally come on your computers at that time.

Even still in development, all thirty levels are scheduled to be done at least until 18 April 2014, in which the CDs which will everyone get who comes at the launch party, get. Every CD has a game installation file, in which can be clicked when CD gets installed.

Tomorrow, Guyisbackable channel will have a promo channel art in which the logo of Guyboarding and its info of its release is included, together in a light blue background.

A launch party was scheduled for 19 April 2014 at 6PM GMT+01:00 with DST on, in which, everybody who is a subscriber of the Guyisbackable channel can participate in.

Guyisbackable will host the party. The party does not have music. It has a 4-hour long preview and two 1-hour talks.

Mar 19, 2014

Grounded video death announcement!


Tonight, at midnight, we have came close to the grounded video suicide. At the same time, grounded videos will be proclaimed dead. Grounded videos made before that limit can still be watched, but not by those who hate grounded videos.

If you are a grounded video fan, I am proclaiming you the grounded video hater. Meaning you will no longer watch grounded videos. Before midnight, you should delete all of your grounded videos. The link to this post will be sent to every grounded video maker, except for me, whom I will keep grounded videos, but not for the viewing, even I will keep the privacy public.

Sorry that this message got you sad.


Mar 5, 2014

Special Update from YouTube (VERY IMPORTANT!)

Today we got some critical YouTube news:

Innocence of Muslims, a controversial anti-Islamic movie "trailer", called "Muhammad Movie Trailer" on the original version, which lasted 13 minute and a 51 seconds, posted on YouTube back in July 2012 originally from sam bacile, than copied to other channels, has been removed in all its versions, because an actress who was wrongfully appearing in the video, for just 5 seconds, in which there was a copyright claim by the actress. The U.S. court has been ordered Google to remove the video from YouTube. On YouTube, when you try to access the video (on this URL as an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjoa3QazVy8), you get this message:

However, YouTube and his parent corporation, Google, strongly disagree with this copyright ruling and will fight it.

Mar 3, 2014

Yet Another Announcement!

Because I got grounded for doing a big mistake on March 1, I will delay Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers (my series) so that they will be posted from next Sunday to present. However, I can be on the computer for half an hour (right now). My mom grounded me yesterday for 7 days because I did a big mistake after the math competition, which was held on a day I got grounded. However, when I save this special announcement, I will not have a chat with Live Benamore on Gmail, until my mom decides will I be on the computer again or not. My grounding expires on March 8, the time I can have the full YouTube activity as well. The math competition was held before I got grounded, not after that. I got grounded when I came home after having some time with my dad at his own house (no longer lives with my mom together), but NOT when I was at my dad's house. However, the 9th episode of  "Hijacking with Sony Vegas" will be delayed to March 10, where I will still have computer access.

My punishment ends in 5 days.

Feb 28, 2014

Special Announcement

I will now post "Hijacking with Sony Vegas" from Monday to Friday, because I will do Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers on Saturdays. Otherwise, I will do homework I got maybe on Sunday or Monday, so, if I do my homework on the next Monday, the next, 9th episode will be posted when I get home from school. However, Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers will be my new series with concepts. However, if you are going to be informed about the former Sam concept (the one with a light blue shirt), it will be continued but now in just the Hijacking with Sony Vegas intro. In my videos, I do drop the "Microsoft" from my TTS buddy names, so they will be just called "Sam", "Mike", "Mary", etc. due to trademark dispute I had to do for just my TTS videos. However, I will continue the use of "Microsoft" trademark on the TTS Wiki when you are going to see every concept gallery of our known TTS buddies who appear in our TTS creator videos.

Feb 23, 2014

Guy's Q&A #6: All about Hijacking with Sony Vegas

Current number: 0006

Question #01: What was the idea for the series?

The idea was to make the series that have effects from pictures, such as they are made with Paint, or PowerPoint, no worries, such as electricity that we used to execute Gordon for intruding Sam, etc.

Question #02: Who are the main stars?

The main stars are Microsoft Sam and Radar Overseer Scotty, being a friend to Sam. In the episodes, Scotty and Sam do something together with some help.

Question #03: What is the period of posting new episodes?

The period of posting new episodes: everyday. It was decided by me because episodes are short, just have one or two events, and have nothing to be delayed for creating.

Question #04: Do you plan other characters?

Yes. At first, I will plan Mike and Mary in the 4th episode, Alan and Mr. Fatty at the 5th episode, etc. until Sam and Scotty be the characters only until the end.

Question #05: Are the series endless?

Yes. However, each 30 episodes will be one season, so, I must wait 5 days for the next episode to come: episode #31, and is not listed as "Season #2 Episode #1", just #31. My idea was to plan 100 seasons (just kidding!).

Feb 5, 2014

New Font: Blocky

Hi guys!

I love fonts so much, then I started the invention!

"Blocky" is my new font. It has just Basic Latin characters - do not type anything if your language is not English or Dutch.

Some letters look like action letters, like the letter X which is a viking.

Link to download: http://www.fontspace.com/guyisbackable/blocky

Feb 4, 2014

Why I stopped the grounded series?

Here are very common reason why I stopped the grounded series:

  1. Because some fans of me no longer make grounded videos.
  2. Because they think it is a pointless thing.
  3. Because of boredom.

Jan 22, 2014

Abstract Triangles!

This era has started first on 234 TV, then came to my channel art, and to this blog!

I made new backgrounds for my YouTube channel, with the channel art having a gradient on the center. It also appears to be similar to my first channel art, the buildings. It is now blue: everything blue.

My new channel art: on YouTube the center is shown

Jan 14, 2014

Guy's Q&A #5: All About Plastic Surgery and YouTube Channel's Closing and Strike Receiving

Current number: 0005

Question #01: What are the common and main reason some YouTube users and/or characters get plastic surgeries?

The common reason is boredom. There are several other reasons. The first main reason is that some characters want to jazz up their avatars, move to something else, or even other stuff they want to do.

There are users on YouTube who get a temporarily plastic surgery. Otherwise they get back to their old known avatars.

Some new avatars also come with new vocal cords, but some don't.

Question #02: Why do people close their YouTube accounts and come back with different names?

There are several reasons. The most common reason is: boredom with the channel name, or they want to move to something else. However, things are always changing, as the logos, and even more.

Also, the reasons are getting strikes, etc. or their accounts are being suspended or even their accounts got terminated.

Question #03: What are reasons YouTube users get strikes?

One of the reason is copyright infringement, which caused people to get a copyright strike. There are other reasons: some people flag them for no reason, and the reporting as the harassment video, which caused people to get a Community Guidelines strike, which expires in six months.

Second strike of each thing not in good standing makes people not to upload videos after two weeks, which caused to people do anything except for that.

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