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Mar 3, 2014

Yet Another Announcement!

Because I got grounded for doing a big mistake on March 1, I will delay Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers (my series) so that they will be posted from next Sunday to present. However, I can be on the computer for half an hour (right now). My mom grounded me yesterday for 7 days because I did a big mistake after the math competition, which was held on a day I got grounded. However, when I save this special announcement, I will not have a chat with Live Benamore on Gmail, until my mom decides will I be on the computer again or not. My grounding expires on March 8, the time I can have the full YouTube activity as well. The math competition was held before I got grounded, not after that. I got grounded when I came home after having some time with my dad at his own house (no longer lives with my mom together), but NOT when I was at my dad's house. However, the 9th episode of  "Hijacking with Sony Vegas" will be delayed to March 10, where I will still have computer access.

My punishment ends in 5 days.

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