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May 31, 2014

"Twitter freakout 1"

Rage at new Twitter font? Well, exclusively on Guyisbackable, you can see my rage over the new font on a new video that I'll post on YouTube. Entitled "Twitter freakout 1", the animated video on my channel will debut somewhere on my channel. Stay tuned!

May 18, 2014

Two News!

Today, we got two news:


When it was originally a spinoff of a video by Drakonchik1989, only one level was made. Later, I decided to scrap all the levels and start over. Mad Alex is now a game similar to a 2D shooter.

The same Alex goes over and over again. For the first time, in a 2D ship-like shooter, he is not in a ship: he has his own XP, and his own lives! :)

Actually, I removed the main menu but kept the title screen. That is it, now it can rock like it DOES! :) :)


After I got news while in a chat called "Anti-Chrome Hangout" which was a Hangout, I had to respect Joey's opinion. Today, I got good news:

I downloaded Firefox. Uninstalled Chrome, as well, it is now better than ever! :) :)

May 13, 2014

How I started Mad Alex

Yesterday I got bored about making a game. Then, at all, I have started something on the same program I used to make Urkanoid 2. It was Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer.

I started a game called Mad Alex, a video game-styled thing similar to the YouTube video Желтый ВиД uploaded by Drakonchik1989.

Alex was created. He is a boy with a brown hair, blue shirt, red pants and cyan shoes. His hand is very magic. He can use it to shoot at the enemies, so.


The controls are: 
  • press A to shoot
  • press Space to jump
  • use left and right arrows to move Alex
When I thought about porting it into PS3, Space can be the cross while A can be the R2. To move Alex, use the D-pad or the analog stick.


The concept of the HUD was thought by me. Originally it went to include the timer, but I removed it later, and replaced hearts with a number counter for lives, next to the "x" string. A score counter even after the first HUD remains the same, so.

Later I made the HUD transparent, at coefficient being the number 50.

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