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Apr 17, 2013

A company that owns the guy9374 Network, its sister three channels and a HD simulcast of the network, has chosen the new director for the guy9374 Network

The guy9374 Network gets a new director on April 22. Instead of outgoing Guy Phatom, also known as guyisbackable on YouTube, the director was Greg Harper. Before Phatom left, we telled the Greg what will  he do with the network:

"I love the guy9374 Network. I tried to be the director, but they choosed another one. I am now on the place. I am doing the new idents and the logo will not be changed, because it's awesome" - said Harper before the moving to the network headquarters. On that time, Phatom said:

"The guy9374 Network is mine, but Greg is good friends with me. I am the founder, and the network is protected from buying out. Greg will be the director" - said Guy Phatom before the go from the network to its home job.

On Guy News, it was said yesterday.

Apr 8, 2013

Let's say hello to the third channel of the guy9374 Network

The third channel of the guy9374 Network launched on Monday, April 1. It also announced a new great scheme. The new scheme means: news broadcasting at nights from 11PM to 6AM and Good Morning Guy from 6AM to its ending time. It also airs Guy News but not at 6:30 PM, it airs at 11PM and is a 30-minute program. Next thing of the news is One News and College. Then From Three to Six. And finally regional newscasts. And Night Journal with Microsoft Mike and Microsoft Sam. And EVERYTHING.

New idents are set to be in abstract colors, at the sea, in the playroom floor, in the park, at the shop, at school to meet teachers and more.

Let's take a look to the logo, which is turning out to be little ugly, but no problem.

The logo is the same as the guy9374 Network. Notice the difference: The big number three replaces the dots at bottom right corner.

Apr 1, 2013

oiraM eulB

oiraM eulB is Guy's April Fools' prank on YouTube.

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