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Apr 4, 2014

Guyboarding: Demo

Hey! Guyboarding Demo is complete, along with the full version, which is officially released on May 19, 2014, but available currently on the website only after we make the game. The full version will be complete in some days before Tuesday, in which I will have an operation in the hospital, staying there at approximately 4-5 hours, or even after it.

Guyboarding: Level 10 is the boss battle, Guy versus Devil Guy

Kart battle! Like you were playing Mario Kart, you can enjoy a part of Guyboarding, in the game called "Guykarting". In it, you are having a kart battle against the computer. Devil Guy is the red Guy with devil horns and a blue kart. That is the reverse of Guy's kart, which is red.

Level 10 is divided into 4 different frames, in which the first 3 are the prepares for the battle, broadcasted on the TV station "RTV Knip", which is really invisible when you play the level. The score does not, however, add 1 to it every second, it goes static! In level 11, the score will add 1 to it every second again.

Apr 1, 2014

Guyboarding: will I continue development or cancel it?

Actually, I was thinking for several days before the development for a concept of a new official game made by me, with 30 levels. I recently made 8 levels, and I have remaining 22 levels.

But, actually, I am THINKING about the 9th level concept: is it in the factory, etc. or anywhere else, or will I cancel it?

Answer: No! I will not cancel Guyboarding because it will be complete and will be released in May 19. Actually, everybody can download a full version, which will be soon purchasable-only version.

The demo is unlimited. Contains ten levels with the 10th one being a boss. It is not major fraud, it is real. However, I will have a tutorial to make a boss so far soon. The 10th, 20th and the 30th level have a gray checker and a dark gray background, as the "basement".

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