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Apr 1, 2014

Guyboarding: will I continue development or cancel it?

Actually, I was thinking for several days before the development for a concept of a new official game made by me, with 30 levels. I recently made 8 levels, and I have remaining 22 levels.

But, actually, I am THINKING about the 9th level concept: is it in the factory, etc. or anywhere else, or will I cancel it?

Answer: No! I will not cancel Guyboarding because it will be complete and will be released in May 19. Actually, everybody can download a full version, which will be soon purchasable-only version.

The demo is unlimited. Contains ten levels with the 10th one being a boss. It is not major fraud, it is real. However, I will have a tutorial to make a boss so far soon. The 10th, 20th and the 30th level have a gray checker and a dark gray background, as the "basement".

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