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Dec 31, 2015

New Year's speech for start of 2016


We would like 2016 to begin with excellent emotions, exchange of gifts, to-look-forward wonders, not so scary mysteries and so on. However, we hope that everything will be okay as I declare.

I declare that there will be less fights, things and so on. We will also have to expand Road 7 so that it conquers the entire Skype world. The world, centered on me, Joey Walsh and Cruise Blackorby, as governors of Road 7, must show wishes and wonders about good looking and near-coming future.

The ball drop is not welcome to our world, we would like to celebrate the New Year by reading this speech. According to me, my plans for my YT channel is 2016 is to expand activity and launch two new series. One will accompany stick figures and then the second one will be centered on some so-called Guyish-style animation as described by me.

We would not forget to, but we must to say this, Happy New Year!

Dec 26, 2015

Special announcement

As you have noted my unavailability on Skype, it is caused by my loss of Internet access. The reason behind that is my uncle's dad refusing to pay fees for Internet use of December, which caused Internet shutdown on December 12 in my area, with my dad's house still having full access. I may be rarely available on Skype due to my uncle's dad refusing to pay, and my uncle's full laziness caused by anger. I am so grieving, but I am overcoming that with the development a platform game, currently working on a tileset.

Nov 22, 2015

How to decorate the Christmas tree in November

As December is getting near and Christmas too, I have found an easy way to solve all so-called groundings for doing something early: decorating a Christmas tree.

There is a little of a month before Christmas, but a little longer for me, since I celebrate it on January 7 (they like decorating after December 25).

In fact, my mom has told me that December 25 is a suitable date to decorate the Christmas tree but I don't wanna make it suitable, since snow has just arrived to my area and I was just looking on a way to do it a little different: decorate it in November (yes, today, since a store in my street that I live, already has decorations! :D)

Notice: The blue theme on Guy's Blog will return on January 15, 2016.

So, let's get started.

1. If a person persists you to delay your decoration, never agree.

If you agree, it'll make you a stupid person who thinks that December 25 is nothing. According to a fictional belief, "decorating the Christmas tree after December 25 makes you an Orthodox obsessed person."

Think that your house is a shop where Christmas trees are just decorated. And then don't get attempted to simply hate that it's just November and that you want to decorate because of snow.

2. Prepare to hear no.

If you hear no, prepare slowly to agree with the person going on an other way. The so-called "other" way refers to just wanting to decorate the Christmas tree. Deal it into periods.

3. Find decorations.

Now that it's November, start decorating the Christmas tree! In your room the tree can be tall, with the maximum height being 1.5m (approx. 5 ft). Now begin decorating. You can put the broken baubles on the back on the tree, so that they could not be seen to the public thinking that your Christmas tree is garbage.

4. Lock the door of the room the tree is in!

Avoid getting grounded! So, prepare to lock the door of the room the Christmas tree is in. If someone asks you did you decorate the tree, say no and think that it was simply left locked in the bag it was before you began decorating.

Nov 13, 2015

"Русская версия" part 13 - Caliber of bootlegs

Welcome to part thirteen published on Friday the 13th on 1:13pm. That's it. Thirteens.

 Screenshot of Death Caliber.

This time we're discussing on a shooter game which is not made in Russia but IS in Russian. Of course, the game is released by Hummer Software, a company made by former Dragon-Co. members. The game was published on May 18, 2002 and released for Genesis, of course. It talks about 9/11, the thing that shocked the US, the bombing of WTC done by al-Qaeda. It's called Death Caliber.

As I found info on BootlegGames Wiki, there are no screenshots on there, but I have found a screenshot on YouTube (look above).

Nov 10, 2015

Reply to Alex Surge

Note: The following reply below is wrote like a document.

According to a statement which was made on November 10, 2015 at 11:35pm Guyish time, the following below is a public reply to Alex Surge:
Alex, I am stating that the comment you made over Square 5 was your opinion and you were ranting the game as unfinished and "crappy". Though it looks unfinished, the game was finished but the 2 player mode runs infinite. In the middle, I could tell you that the second reason it looks unfinished is because I made the game in one day, that's November 9, 2015, or yesterday.
Soon I will make an update, which anybody can install over their current Square 5 edition. We all know that not all things start bad and get on to become good. Until March, I will stabilize the graphics and improve the 2 player mode, and remove gradients, white color and completely change the current feel of the game and as a result stabilize it. However, I must work hard in order to stabilize the current feel and look of Square 5, while I will not touch any negative steps in its gameplay and its 2-player mode, nor even touch the current icon nor logo, which remain unaffected.
By the next update, I will put rounds, and add 3- and 4-player modes. I will also change the difficulty modes of Square 5 so that you get 3 options instead of difficulty passing like in some older games such as Alchemy, and over it I do not consider myself guilty on calling Square 5 crappy and unfinished.
The version 9.11.15, the current version of Square 5, will be replaced with a new version which would be released publicly on March 1, 2016 or earlier, version 1.03.16 or earlier.

Sincerely, Guyisbackable

Nov 5, 2015

Rant on lives, #1

Welcome to the first episode of a new "totally extravagant" show, featuring 8 topics and short, 2 row-like answers to what we wouldn't want to do in the future when we get something bad.

  1. I got a C from French. Why can't I remember the reason between the imparfait and passe composé? I asked my teacher days before the test, which was on Thursday, and I just knew that.
  2. Why I get grounded for getting a bad grade? My mom once said that I'll not get grounded no matter which grade! Aw shit! That's fraud of parenting.
  3. Why is this text purple? Because of the logo color. The logo is purple, so does the text follow that choice of coloring text purple for a special blog post category, hehe!
  4. The behavior scale of me JUST hit plus +51, which is way too near positive than you think what it should be! If it was -51 I would get grounded even if I get an A! Just joking.
  5. The Numbs are idle. They are not dead, but it's a hiatus due to that goddamn stupid school, more like "stupid crappy hours of our life".
  6. Fact of the week: EFPTOZ is a recognizable show. The first episode was posted a day before Halloween 2015 and nobody cares.
  7. The katichi (those two controversial twins in my school) get stroken again! Side N of them gets a warning just because of name-calling.
  8. Today I had a math test. With subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. What about the fifth operation? They are brackets. Hehe. Just joking.

Oct 30, 2015

What to do if your area doesn't celebrate Halloween

I found out that my area doesn't celebrate Halloween. But, I am 'gainst that.

But, if you live in a non-English speaking country, I can show you how to prepare yourself for faux Halloween.

1. Draw some lines on your face.

This may work best with a marker. No matter what color it is, find a marker (or a ball-point pen!), and then start drawing angry eyebrows, scary lines around your cheek, etc. and then don't wash your face! You will look angry so much everybody will be scared of you. You can also draw faux blood.

2. Do some angry poses.

Don't forget screamers! That's extensively important for both you and people around you, even those you know. When you arrive into a house, don't first say good afternoon or else, but just, scare them! Note: If the person is a mother, don't scare him enough so that the baby starts crying.

3. Act like a vampire.

Think you're a vampire. Then, if you think you can be like a vampire, simply put some red around your fac and, booo! If you don't have a red, you can use orange or pink. Then, act you're dead rising from the tomb and then prepare to scare people!

4. Build a fake tomb inside or outside your house.

This works for both miniature and 1:1-like size creatures. "R.I.P" is optional.

For miniature ones, you can use Lego bricks or you can make it from modelling clay (if you have!). You can use white or shades of gray.

For 1:1-like ones, you can use carton. First draw the folding net, then, start folding! But don't forget to cut around the border of your folding net. It's optional to color it, but I recommend you white or shades of gray, again. Then, when it's finished, put it outside your house in the morning of October 31.

I didn't want to forget, and I don't want to do that, to say, happy Halloween!

Oct 18, 2015

Why can't we alone pick up clothing for important events as kids?

There was bad opinion as I was chosen pants (yeah, gay jeans) from my aunt's wedding (which occurred May 5, 2014, a year ago) and I just simply want to ask this question: why cannot we alone pick up our own clothing as kids before an important event begins?

I may start discovering the reason but I couldn't even still know what is that exact reason: why our moms and dads, give us specific clothing, and then we, as 6 year old children, and then we get the question: why can't we just pick our own clothing alone and instead decide to go on mother's lifestyle?

I never wanted to put on jeans, and I never will. Today my baby sister's baptism occurs (but my baby sister is 1 year old) and I was embarrassed when my mom chose those pants from the wedding for me to dress up them, but I refuse, refuse and refuse - I f***ing hate why do we dress up specific clothing as kids!

First of all I will never attend weddings due to loud music, I will never attend specific "gala"-like ceremonies - this is the last one I'm attending. First, the reason is, why does the bridesman hold kids in Serbia? Fuck that country, I hope I can migrate to a better thing.

End of story. The baptism of my baby sister is my LAST EVENT EVER I'm attending.

Sep 28, 2015


As a result of a decision made by both me and my mom, I got ungrounded.

However it's up to me to respect what she says to me.

Sep 23, 2015

A very sad piece of news

Hello. This is Guy with grief.

You know those September 16 attacks when I was beat up for "spitting" a friend? Well, I got the worst piece of the blog post ever. I got grounded.

My privileges for use of the computer were withdrawn, my Xbox playing privileges were withdrawn, while I could use my phone only for calling my dad and receiving calls.

I am talking with grief and yesterday I got a common cold, which caused me to lose school today. However I'll go tomorrow.

The period when the grounding will end is unknown and I'll tell you that it has ended, when my grounding ends.

Sincerely, guyisbackable.

Sep 11, 2015

Audio blog announcement

Hey everybody, Guy here.

I am announcing an audio blog which will be posted on select Numb-branded channels (Numb2, Numb3, Numb4 and Numb7 are the channels which the audio blog will be posted on), coming complete with an audio blog for the Guyisbackable channel.

You have probably noted that my Guyisbackable channel was being inactive for almost 6 to 10 months due to a hiatus caused by school and laziness. Now I'm getting unleashed from a laziness break and I will launch an audio blog - coming complete with an album being released on iTunes this December, coming complete with twelve monthly pickups from audio blogs from all select channels. This means I'm launching a podcast and I will be the first Serbian (maybe) YouTube channel to produce an audio blog. The audio blog episodes are coming as videos on their premiere releases. Soon they convert to audio. Time may depend but it's usually before 10pm CET (4pm EST, 3pm CST, 1pm PST) on Sundays.

First audio blog is for Numb3 and its premiere date is on September 13.

Aug 20, 2015

How to make your room look like you are grounded

I am tired of groundings. Those forms of punishments make barriers on computers, mobile phones, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. but you could do it your own way: this is a way to get yourself self-grounded. Hah! This is a way to make your room look like when you are grounded. Warning! Please be sure your electronics are in your room, otherwise, it may go partially or wholly - wrong.

1. Tidy your room.

Like a parent does to a small kid, the first step before you prepare everything is to tidy your room - like when you're one day told. Look out for things on the floor, and if there are some things, pick 'em all on time.

You may also like to make your room 75% tidied in order to look like you are really grounded for not tidying your room.

2. Start hiding electronics.

This is the main step. Look out for all your electronics in your room (also a part of your whole house) and, if you found one, quickly hide it somewhere (put in the bed mattress or put in a wardrobe cabinet and hide somewhere). You can also hide it in a particular thing then lock the thing until you choose to get ungrounded, then unlock it.

In case of relatives calling, just retain the mobile phone but do NOT turn on Wi-Fi in order not to be caught being already ungrounded during your grounding pretending period. Just play games and talk with your friends.

3. Avoid the risk of your parents seeing your room.

Your parents will likely see that your room is made to put some new electronics and stuff in here but actually there's a secret that your remaining electronics are still in it. A solution to avoid this is to lock your room and sparingly enter it, but do not do that when your parents are in a room near or next to it.

In other words, simply this is a reference so that your parents don't notice you during this activity.

4. Wait a 4 to 6 day period.

The period after is the restore time. You think that you were told in dreams that you are grounded for 7 days due to you not doing homework, right? Now it's time to restore everything up. Smoothly and gently unpack your electronics and put back where they were before when you got fakely grounded in your dreams - this'll get you ready to end your grounding.

If electronics were in other room, wait a little longer (8 to 10 days) and then smoothly begin to restore them, the same way like when you restored your electronics in your room, on a gently-like way but unnoticeable with doors closed in order to think that "your room was emptied and it is just a Recycle Bin cleaning, now I'm restoring up everything and it's back to normal".

Jul 17, 2015

"Pусская версия" part 12 - Wing up your duck and chess asses

Part twelve, ass winged up, chess won the other way around.

One duck, one fuck, one Russian, one version. That's what's the topic about today's review, focusing on Darkwing Duck, yet another Russian step to the road to their "heaven" - piracy.

Darkwing Duck - the latest in the fuck.

To start, the game is nothing but bullshit. Again a hack, one level = good. What? Eh, not. Unlike others, this now has five stages, but for unknown reason (maybe due to length!), the stage 5 is divided into 2 parts: stage 5.0 and stage 5.5. ROFL! This is also made by the known Russian studio, due to the bad controls

Screenshot from the main menu of Darkwing Duck.

Now the other way around, our new neighbors.

You know chess? Well, yeah. A Russian studio has made the game up, simulating a true Chess game - but music is the problem. To promote Russia, the music used is predominantly Russian folk music. How can tradition be digital, huh? Only two songs are used. But the gameplay is predominantly pure as a medium difficulty Chess game. Win for the black - the black is the blog! 

Screenshot from the start screen of the Chess game.

Unlike others, this is the earliest Russian pirate - released in the '90s, unreleased and unlicensed, but the ROM is the only way of playing it ever. The two looping tracks ain't no loop good, and the studios are known, white and gray - BS Comp and PADIS, battling for the better studio, BS Comp thinks it's better, PADIS thinks it's not.

Jun 21, 2015

A spicy day

Today I went to the shop and bought a hamburger. Yes, a spicy hamburger. Aaaah!!!!!! While I ate it, I had to drink cola and water. I'll explain this in a humorous way.

A nice, sunny day, 1:30pm. Finally sunny on solstice. Me and my dad started walking the streets, turned right and went into a small but a rich bitch like fast food restaurant. Before that, we called it to cook the patty. Aaah, a patty fulfilled with chili pepper and lotsa garlic!!! Sounded like spicier than salsa, but meat was also included.

I enter the restaurant. Bread and the patty were however ready. Then I started ordering ingredients, all of them were sauces. Ketchup, mustard, some cheese sauce and a spicy pepper sauce salad were what I wanted for a really historic challenge: eating something spicy. Aahhh! Spicy and more spicy!

We do the reverse. I climb the slope, my dad takes the hamburger. And we don't eat it till we arrive home. Then we arrive home. I cross the school, the dad crosses the pavement. I was walking humorously and was careful not to touch the grass because, as my dad said, "something will bite me!". Outside the house, I run till the door. I opened it, dad says " haha, you can't enter without key!" and soon as he was close, he was like "oh, I forgot my keys!". That was funny.

I enter the house, wash my hands. Dad pours cola for me, I start eating the burger, it was like "aaahhh!!!! Tears from spicy patty!" and it went like that. I eat it, still spicy. I start drinking coke. I saw garlic, I eat it and it was like "grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Spicy like hell!!!" while I didn't take care of it and continue eating.

I finish eating, already drank a glass of cola and one of water. It was like "yay! I survived", went to the bathroon, again washed my hands, and was able to hold all of it.

May 23, 2015

"CHIИA" part 1: Introduction, announcement of 2nd segment

Segment two. Welcome to the 2nd knee of the series of bootleg games I'm writing since July 2014. Now, the target is China, the home to many of pirates.

Yeah. I ran out of several Russian games, but if I find out more, I will be able to write more and more! :D Also continue the 1st segment

More posts coming June.

Apr 26, 2015

Report on removal of dashboard on GoAnimate in 2015

A month ago, GoAnimate removed its dashboard due to customer feedback. Yeah, customer feedback. They simply just want to make GoAnimate more better since the introduction of its new version on September 16, 2013. Here's, from the forum, how the argument went on:

Why did that dashboard get removed? Now I won't be able to catch up with the latest videos that other users make. Can you provide an explanation on why it was removed? Thanks!
-HardwellAndTSTFan1998 (Mar 25, 2015)
And, the response:

We removed the Dashboard in response to customer feedback, and also as the first step toward creating a data feed that will show new and upcoming enhancements.-Mark Deaton (Mar 25, 2015)
This is how it went. In fact, about how can it occur? Well, let's explain. GoAnimate was launched back in 2008, and it implemented a Dashboard. But why it got removed? Actually because of customer feedback, wanting to respect one bad guy who doesn't like the GA Dashboard at all, and "the first step toward creating a data feed that will show new and upcoming enhancements". The first step toward what? Creating a data feed that will show new and upcoming enhancements? What are they THINKING??!? Ah, yeah. Yes. GoAnimate is in fact working on something that could replace the Dashboard, and that thing could see GoAnimate in court.....but never, as I could say.

Here are more reactions here:

RE: Customer feedback -- Not much of it comes through our forums yet, but we're working on that.
Mark Deaton

RE: Sending a message out -- We're also going to be solving this problem by implementing a "What's New" feed so that changes like this are communicated more proactively.Mark Deaton (Mar 25, 2015)

What customer feedback? I don't recall seeing anyone complaining about the Dashboard. It is a rude surprise when you have the Dashboard bookmarked. Why wasn't a message sent out?
"brian douglas" (Mar 25, 2015)

Apr 22, 2015

"Русская версия" part 11 - Fan-pirate

As we ship onto part eleven, I just got time to review onto a bootleg release of a popular hack of Sonic for both Genesis and Sega CD.

Screenshot from the menu of Sonic Megamix.

Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix, or more common, Sonic Megamix, was ported by pirates being the only Sonic hack ever released on the cartridge (Genesis and shit called "Mega Drive Portable"). Despite the game not being Russian, the game was also sold in the Russian market. As, for example, the game was ported possibly in 2010s, because Russians are always meant for pirates, or, they want to make money by doing that. Here's a non-roughly translated, first segment from the back of its cover:
SONIC MEGAMIX - is the remake of the first, good Sonic. In the game, not only Sonic participates, but the black hedgehog Shadow and the armadillo Mighty...
 The cover art. Notice the "made in Russia" (Сделано в России) on bottom left.

Yeah, "made in Russia". Obviously refers to the cover art, but NOT the game itself. Also notice the FPS on bottom left of each magazine "picture". It is however, as I could say, made from Kega Fusion, one of popular Genesis emulators alongside Gens.

Look the right of the cover art. The game uses the modern Sonic art, but the game itself the classic one. As Shadow is modern-born, it looks somewhat like classic one in-game. Mighty is classic-born but looks modern on cover-art. So it could have been made after 2010, but not the hack. Its stable version 3.0 (last one for Genesis) was made way back in 2007.

As the story almost "forever" continues, this segment hasn't already finished yet...but better know that you should be away from pirates as this is COUNTERFEIT!!!!

Apr 8, 2015

Mario in Space - sneak peek of the fangame: Start of development

Just having time to show you up my coming soon Mario fangame, still in start of developmet...

Mar 14, 2015

"Русская версия" part 10 - The manga and movie targets

Welcome to part ten.

And of course, the Russian developers ignore stopping making pirate games. Due to it, they made a popular Japanese manga being targeted by themselves! I'm not joking. Now we're able to start it all.

Screenshot of Naruto, the game made and named after the popular Japanese manga.

Yes, this shit of course. What has caused Russians to strike back, those assholes and motherfuckers? Just for fucks, Russian pirates' title screen are just:
  1. Picture of a movie
  2. Logo on top of the screen
or just the logo of the game! No "НАЖМИ(ТЕ) СТАРТ" on some. This sucks ass. It's just meaning to do nothing but to press start. Those hackers in Russia....make counterfeit shit that wants to overload all around the Russian market, or just assy shit called "cheap-for-game" service which does nothing but you pay only a little money! YOU KNOW?!? THESE SHITTY GAMES HAVE COSTED JUST ₽1 (if you don't see the Russian ruble sign, it's a sign that you haven't installed the Roundy font or you don't have a version of Unicode supporting this)!!!!!!! And yes, I agree with you about cheap costs. Cheap for game. That's their fucking business.

Screenshot of Avatar, the hack named after the movie.

Notice a short glitch here. It's something below a star, I see, what the fuck? Russians decided to "localize" their cheap-for-game business as they always want this shit to occur for their business. Their profit is ₽0.9292920. Someone gives ₽1 to them (sixteen mills), and they spend tons of them just to their shitty "Munchies". They always want that because they will be hungry all day. Agree with this.

So don't forget about part ELEVEN, when we will review on more Russian shitty games made by their cheap for game business.

Mar 6, 2015

Announcement of Guy's Blog following a major power outage that occured on March 5, 2015

Hello, dear viewers, this is Guyisbackable.

Everything wasn't going to happen good, because, on yesterday, Thursday, March 5, 2015, at around 5pm, a major power outage affected the area I live (the whole city was affected). Due to this, I was not able to be online on that time, but shortly after, as the sky went darker and darker, I had to have candles in 2 most active rooms: the living room and my room.

This was sad, as my friends had no power too! My friend from school went to bed at 8pm, which is the earliest sleep time I have encountered today, but at least I went to bed at 9:45pm, which seems common. The night of March 5 was said. I wasn't able to go on computer, my phone's battery was almost low, what I and my mom did was having only board game and card game entertainment: we played Uno and played Ludo, I won 2 times in the game.

This could never happen again. I'm in full tears due to that. We turned on candles, that's a good thing, but everything, was so sad.

The blog will continue to provide information about everything in real life and continue constant reviewing as well.

Mar 1, 2015

"Русская версия" part 9 - Horrific sprites and creepy start screens

Well just I decided to start the month of March the worst way = blogging about pirates. Yeah, pirates. Now as we jump on the ninth part I have to review on MORE and MORE pirates, aka the limit is endless, or simply ∞ pirates left to review on. Not really but let's go on reviewing pirate crap.

Remember that show on Nickelodeon that successfully hit the 2000s and is still airing? Well, Russian took their attempt on hijacking it again and again. A horrific sprite of SpongeBob has been hitting on this game as all Russian pirate game developers "hate" English and due to it they translate to Russian just to be sold in Russia. Heck yes, this is the reason why Russians make pirates in order to make them sold only in Russia.

Who the hell ordered them? Maybe their hacky ass brains? Or even lack of Genesis games to revive its life? WHAT? They do this just to revive Genesis' life.

You know that Sega Genesis is already dead, it died around 1996 or '97, but, about pirates, let's go on reviewing all these peed shitty pirates!

Screenshot of the main menu of a hack which has no logo on title screen but pretending to be called "SpongeBob".

Again, one level + title screen hack + sprite hack + font hack = is a typical Russian pirate game. WTF? The title screen is here logoless, you can't notice that you can see a very horrible sprite of SpongeBob as noticed here. Yes, it is so bad it can't be made on it. As a result, ignore bootlegs and buy a legitimate version of a game targeted by hacking which made this shit = Cool Spot.

Screenshot from "Mafia", a port of Mafia (2002) done by hacking a certain shooter very similar to this one.

Right now I see something...What the goddamn helly fuck? Mafia ported onto Genesis by Russians? Of course. Mafia was ported onto Genesis by hacking a first person shooter very similar to what could be a port of a popular game from 2002 released for Windows, the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox, onto Sega Genesis despite already dead. And yes, this is true. 

Also there is a secret: opening the cartridge on a hex editor finally confirmed the year - it was possibly made in 2010 - or it could be a lie. As I saw on the wiki it said it is "possibly made in 2010", or it could however be a rumor - the hex editor might lie or be true. But it's never known! 

Russians like pirating and their game industry might be "Crapo Corp." as I say. Congratulations pirates! You are considered the worst and stupidest ports of games and remakes of shows! I say! Hahahahaha you suck pirates! Just joking, brothers. At least more pirates will come on but notice! They will kill your head and bloatware will shoot you. So don't forget to see more pirates I "caught" on the wiki, as all of them will be given an F rank. Russians, this is your last chance!

More pirates coming soon.

Feb 26, 2015

"Русская версия" part 8 - Racing and shit bootlegs

We have finally stomped onto part 8 - as the Russian bootleg game business continues to grow and on and on.

We do not have always to look on shooters, platformers and stuff, but at least I found one racing hack of Fun Car Rally for Genesis - the most popular platform for those shitholes from Russia having a company that makes bootleg games just to be sold in Russia. Heck no, that company remains unnamed and sucks.

Screenshot from the main menu of Gran Turismo 5, the hack of the very popular PlayStation 3 game.

Finally we have a racing game to review it. Everything same: hacks, title screens displays just logo, no menu, simply that it couldn't be implemented into a racing game, for doing stuff just like that. And yes, it goddamn sucks.

The cover, cartridge and manual.

WTF? You can see these things in Russian stores. These include: the cover (left), cartridge (middle, down) and manual (right). In fact, note the "6+" rating on bottom left of the screen, finally admitting its ass that it says "для детей старше 6 лет" which means "for kids 6 and up". See? This ain't able to enter the American market since there is no logo of the company. They better produce original assy games not copy this shit! Awww this sucks so bad!

Gameplay screenshot.

We see that it couldn't be able to fit into TV so look the text: it is so so so close to the overscan anybody couldn't view the leftmost letters when playing this game on a pure console. If this was played on an elevator it would be great but NEVER!

I say, avoid these shitty stuff as they could damage your brain! You couldn't choose options, because of language. So bye, Russian fuckers.

P.S. More and more reviews will be done soon.

Feb 22, 2015

"Русская версия" part 7 - WTF?

Well as I said on the previous post, I HAVE to continue the series as I found MORE and MORE pirates from Russia but...better not know, but now let's comment on them.

 Screenshot from Madagascar 3's main menu.

OK. Finally found a pirate. Now seeing, the English logo, the Russian menu, but....WTF? Notice the top. There are two Penguins of Madagascar characters, which is completely unrelated, hence "Madagascar". That good old movie, that franchise begun in 2005.

Screenshot of gameplay footage of the game. According to BootlegGames Wiki, this is the only level.

It is not bad yet, but Russian developers should make original games, but NOT to copy this crap. Well, just to notice you that it will receive 250/500, or simply 500/1000 or more simply - 50 percent.

Too bad this game has just a level. No further levels, just this level, and a title screen and a graphic hack. In fact, the original is A Dinosaur's Tale, which is simply a hack of the mentioned game, ADT. As a result this is shit.

Feb 9, 2015

"Русская версия" part 6 - Story continues

We're back to the beloved series because of a mystery that on BootlegGames Wiki, I saw AGAIN the known font for Russian. We'll have to comment on MORE Russian pirates, but one of them I found, maybe can be a faux port of the beloved Lego game.

Screenshot of the hack of an unknown known Genesis game. This hack is called Lego Batman. Also notice the translation of "Press Start". Looks like the pronoun "you" as 2nd face of multi is used instead of singular.
The drawing of the Batman logo is at least good, but, the arts! They look like the purple background is sky. It ain't. It is simply a crappy hack of a sky, no clouds, just 2 logos and something new - the "Press Start" text now "Нажмите старт". Oh my ----!
Plus the other thing about these pirates is that they are found in the fictional country named "Republic of Piracy", I guess, and it consists of China, Peru, parts of Russia.......oh my fucking holy shit! ._.

Now let's talk on Felix the Cat.

Remember the post when I commented last year? This was on July 2014. We were talking about 2 Mario pirates, Mario 4 and Mario 3, where as said, the same menu is used, but different logo and background! :D

This Felix the Cat hack is nothing but crappy port of the same-named licensed game for NES, which was rumored to be made by the same people who made Mario 4 and Mario 3. The plot is same as from NES' licensed version, aka I guess the official version. But no bosses, which is a bad thing! Only 12 levels and story done. Oh my god, may those pirates end their lives? We don't know. Possibly 2040...just joking. If developers continue doing that then the world is smashing like that.

Screenshot of the main menu of the Genesis port of Felix the Cat. Name is in English but the menu is in Russian. The game was originally for the NES. Also notice Russian here.

We got the main menu. Two options, much like Sonic 3 but option menu replaces the competition menu. Also, WTF? No copyright? I call this shit pirate and that is final.

If more Russian pirates arrive onto BootlegGames Wiki, I will have to review them in time.

Jan 28, 2015

Guy reviews: Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding


I just got time to review a snowboarding game that I found during Xbox game hunting of January 26, 2015. I played on my original Xbox, and let's see what will it receive.

The game was released before my most favorite Xbox game, Amped 2, because of the name and the lack of the "stylish" tricks, which are introduced in Amped 2. Now let's comment on the control layout. Today's theme: holding A, X or Y to grab, but always random grab, mostly the tail grab. This made me odd as: I hold those buttons on Amped 2, nothing happens! But on Amped 1, I hold them, then get to the ground, oooohhh I might crash as I would. Also I noticed that you can use the D-pad instead of the left thumbstick but not too much. As I would say this can't be incorporated into a five star rated game, as I agree with those critics as I looked on the web by typing this on the search bar: "amped freestyle snowboarding". Not 10, around 8.2, presumably because of that.

Also I noticed drop points' rides take too short to last since I get around too much points except in Amped 2, when, to presumably avoid confusion, the front flip's points were shortened to 2,500. All clothing offered in-game are changable but there ain't no an option to remove some stuff. For example: in Amped 2 my boarder has brunette spiky hair, red tank, brown pants and brown shoes. There is nothing to comment despite that, but, also I didn't change snowboard after I created my new Amped boarder.

One of the features lacking is the snowskate feature, which is in Amped 2 present since Mt Hood. At least, for example, some sound effects had a little high pitch such as on rails, then altered in Amped 2. In case of the logo, the style of the "amped" wordmark was however, sincerely kept.

The menu style of Amped 2 is the ugliest by mine, because of the font and the rotating effect between sections.

More to come soon.

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