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Mar 14, 2015

"Русская версия" part 10 - The manga and movie targets

Welcome to part ten.

And of course, the Russian developers ignore stopping making pirate games. Due to it, they made a popular Japanese manga being targeted by themselves! I'm not joking. Now we're able to start it all.

Screenshot of Naruto, the game made and named after the popular Japanese manga.

Yes, this shit of course. What has caused Russians to strike back, those assholes and motherfuckers? Just for fucks, Russian pirates' title screen are just:
  1. Picture of a movie
  2. Logo on top of the screen
or just the logo of the game! No "НАЖМИ(ТЕ) СТАРТ" on some. This sucks ass. It's just meaning to do nothing but to press start. Those hackers in Russia....make counterfeit shit that wants to overload all around the Russian market, or just assy shit called "cheap-for-game" service which does nothing but you pay only a little money! YOU KNOW?!? THESE SHITTY GAMES HAVE COSTED JUST ₽1 (if you don't see the Russian ruble sign, it's a sign that you haven't installed the Roundy font or you don't have a version of Unicode supporting this)!!!!!!! And yes, I agree with you about cheap costs. Cheap for game. That's their fucking business.

Screenshot of Avatar, the hack named after the movie.

Notice a short glitch here. It's something below a star, I see, what the fuck? Russians decided to "localize" their cheap-for-game business as they always want this shit to occur for their business. Their profit is ₽0.9292920. Someone gives ₽1 to them (sixteen mills), and they spend tons of them just to their shitty "Munchies". They always want that because they will be hungry all day. Agree with this.

So don't forget about part ELEVEN, when we will review on more Russian shitty games made by their cheap for game business.

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