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Jul 26, 2013


Help, guys!

I have no reason why I switched to MMF2. It makes my game so crazy, but it is considered to be a bug or even Clickteam's problem.

Because of that, Urkanoid 3 may NOT start its development.

Instead, I will make another video game except for this Urkanoid 3.

Your Guy.

Jul 24, 2013

Sneak Peak: Urkanoid 3

Urkanoid 3 will start its development.

#1: Title screen

Title screen will look different. First of all, the Urkanoid 3's splash screen will get a major re-filling of the background of the screen. We will show up how will it looks:

The first thing we made a change is the background. Instead of the blue on Urkanoid 2 and the light blue on Urkanoid 1, Urkanoid 3 gets the red color. Also, the number 3 looks like it has the curve on the end of drawing. Also, the copyright text gets a big twist. Urkanoid 4 is planed to have the number 4 yellow and the background color green.

#2: The HUD

HUD will get a new item: the counter. The counter shows up how many bricks you broke up and will be shown on the center. Score will change its position, will be shown on the right side instead, because of the alignment it uses. The lives object will be shown on the left because of its alignment, as the score.

#3: New features and/or changes

  1. Mint blocks will not be removed.
  2. Breaking 100 bricks give you an extra life.
  3. New sky backgrounds introduced; changing every 5 instead of 4 levels, because the game will have 30 instead of 29 levels (1 more level added).
  4. Brick positions changed. Mint blocks were still on top but the new black blocks, on the bottom, were introduced on the bottom left and right corner and they change position to a ball without losing a live. They are called the security blocks.

Jul 12, 2013

Fox Harper was rebranded!

Woo-hoo! A great thing to say is that Fox Harper finally got a NEW look and a new theme! With the new Fox Harper you can still submit your error request, but there is a NEW form you can find in the Error Request Form page. The old request form will expire on September 2, so you can with that form still submit error requests until that date. The expire date is September 2, 2013 at 7AM.

"The new logo is a very good choice for this site. We are able to make very good changes and to follow our team, our mind and our knowledge for building that great site." - Guyisbackable for the new logo.

We can make Fox Harper very better and understandable!

Jul 5, 2013

Someone hates me on YouTube!

Guys, help me!

Someone with the name "levi03able" but now switched to Google+ name (Levente Mészáros) said to me "GUYISBACKABLE YOU F***ING IDIOT" like this:
As shown in this picture, I don't use Chrome! I use IE10.

Also, he hates my friend, DavidTheAnimationGuy.

If you are a hater of SeaDisney1998, block that Hungarian!

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