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Sep 22, 2013

Guy Explains: Why He Makes Widescreen Animations

Well, at least, I want to turn my channel videos into everything futuristic, such as aspect ratio on my GoAnimate animations, and other. So, because of that, I started making widescreen video because I said that my fans should enjoy in fullscreen due to aspect ratio in their monitors.

By the way, several mine fans don't always choose the Anime theme while making a video, even I choose everytime I start a video. These mine fans always choose the Comedy World theme, even that theme does not support 16:9 except for Business Friendly, Anime, Space Citizens, Stickly Business, Common Craft and any other new themes introduced maybe in late 2012 or this year.

Sep 20, 2013

1st anniversary of guyisbackable, the channel on YouTube

Hey guys!

Blue Mario celebrates his 1st birthday. If you are interested for it, listen the Sunny Side of the Road, one of the songs on GoAnimate's music library, below:

Unveiling the new Fox Harper!


Fox Harper has been finally updated! A new theme is coming right now, and Guycks are the history.

Especially, enjoy the new look of the site:


Sep 19, 2013

An Entry for Kingsley's Customarpalooza (of 2013)

Hey folks,

Here's my custom buddy for a contest on Flipline Forum:

Sep 17, 2013

Guy's Q&A #3: Updates for Ask Guyisbackable

Current number: 0003

Question #01: What updates Ask Guyisbackable gets?

At least, I always want to give updates to my asking series, giving it a fresh start from episode 8 to present, as well as a new intro, and a 2nd host, Joey, that will host together with Blue Mario.

Here's the new intro I made:

Question #02: Will the studio be the same or will be different?

I think it will be instantly same. I will talk who asked me and then tell the answer only, but Joey will say "welcome to the next episode of Ask Guyisbackable" and will also say "Now, statistics" at the end. Everything except that will be said by Blue Mario.

Question #03: Will Joey wear glasses?

I think Joey will not. Instantly, he only wears glasses at work except for Ask Guyisbackable.

Sep 10, 2013

New Logo for Colgatepony234 by Guyisbackable

Colgatepony234 is a YouTube channel. Instantly, because of Guyisbackable's 10th birthday, the channel will get a new look, especially made by Guyisbackable himself. It is, maybe, a home-made logo (because Guyisbackable made it in his house).

Idea for rebrand

"We want to make a fresh start especially for our buddy from YouTube, Colgatepony234, to prevent copying an Nkrs200-style logo. We want to transform "colgatepony" into "CP", in an electric-style font. The colors from the previous logo will be kept; aqua, purple, orange and blue. The "2" in the logo will have first two colors on from top left from the previous logo. Other numbers are with only one color." - said from Guyisbackable himself.

Logo Details

The new logo maybe will be considered "shaped". The mostly known reason is: made with PowerPoint 2010. The 2 is made with two "L-shaped" shapes, looking like a letter L, the number 3 is also made with those same shapes, especially the one shape (the one on the bottom) is flipped. The bar on the 3 (the middle part) is replaced by a rectangle, and it's called a "dot". The 4 is similar to RTL4's one, slighty changed and color changed to blue. Especially, the new logo contains a lot of several creativity, like only "rectangles".

Sep 9, 2013

Differences between Ask Guyisbackable and Ask MatthewComedianable

Ask Guyisbackable and Ask MatthewComedianable are two different asking series. While one is posted by guyisbackable, the other one is posted by MatthewComedianable.

Title Card

The font used on Ask Guyisbackable, at the very start of each episode from Episode 3 to present, a text with a typing effect, and a "Comic Book" font appears, saying like this:


On MatthewComedianable's version, the same text appears but in uppercase letters with the "Accidental Presidency" font, like this:




Also, every next word is jumped one line on writing.


  • The "?" refers to a random number of an episode.

Music, and Its Volume

In both Ask Guyisbackable and Ask MatthewComedianable, the same music is used, the "Broadcast News" theme song. Instantly, on episode 1 of Ask MatthewComedianable, the music was changed to a different song after the birthday song, because it was posted on September 7, 2013 (Guy's 10th birthday).


Notably known reason of the music is volume. The volume of the Broadcast News music on Ask Guyisbackable is 50%, while Ask MatthewComedianable keeps its music's volume always 100%. The reason the Ask MatthewComedianable music volume is 100%, is that because the user who made the series didn't knew about the volume for any song. Instantly, Ask Guyisbackable uses 50%, because people can hear asked questions easily.

Deleted Questions

While Ask MatthewComedianable allows two or more questions to be posted by a single user, the Ask Guyisbackable doesn't. If a user posts 2 or more questions on the asking area on any recent episode, all questions except the first one (oldest) will be marked deleted. A deleted question is a form of a question which does not appear in Ask Guyisbackable's any latest episode, but all deleted question(s) will appear every next episode.

Question Snipping

For a little easier making episodes for Ask Guyisbackable, the series uses the "Snipping Tool", a free application included mostly with Windows 7.

Also, Ask MatthewComedianable doesn't use snipping question, because the user who made this series says that "all asking series don't use question snipping".

The "EWMQTOPBSU" badge

The EWMQTOPBSU (standing for Episode Without More Questions Than One Posted by a Single User) is a badge introduced in episode 4 of Ask Guyisbackable. Instantly, the episode who awards this badge is an episode without any deleted questions. Instantly, Ask MatthewComedianable doesn't use this badge.

Sep 7, 2013

Big Jubilee: Guyisbackable Officialy Turned 10!

Hey folks, we have some great news.

The great news is that our buddy from internet, Guyisbackable, officialy turned 10 (in real life). So, write happy birthday on the comments! :)

Sep 6, 2013

Guy's Q&A #2: All about Birthday of Guyisbackable, and Extras

Current number: 0002

Question #01: What you plan for your birthday?

At least, I plan to do something special to my fans. This includes saying happy birthday on the comments, and giving HTTP presents to me over private messaging and/or channel discussing.

Question #02: Do a birthday countdown bothers you?

No. Every time I wake up in my time (from September 1st to September 7th), I added a birthday countdown for people who want to be ready for the birthday, coming in Saturday, September 7th.

Question #03: In what age you're turning?

I turn ten. Instantly, I was born on September 7, 2003.

Question #04: What you plan to do for your channel?

I plan to reach 300 videos, then 350, and become the most popular YouTuber of the time.

Question #05: What are your websites?

  1. Guy's Blog
  2. Guyisbackable Fansite
  3. Fox Harper
  4. Guyisbackable Fansite Photo Gallery
  5. Guyisbackable Fansite Forums
  6. Urkanoid Online

Sep 5, 2013

Minor Twist on Guy's Blog!

Hey everyone,

For a fit on the old (4:3 format) computers, Guy's Blog gets a new theme, with a minor twist:

  1. Removed some gadgets, changed blog description and welcome message.
  2. All Blogger logo copies removed, the first one (non-copied) re-positioned.
  3. You will see only one popular post, claiming to be the most populous post.
  4. Theme changed to "Simple".

Guy's Q&A #1: Blog Decorations, Everything about Guy Network, Fox Harper and Guyisbackable

Welcome to the question answering with a narrator taking questions and Guy answering them, only on Guy's Blog!

Current number: 0001

Question #01: How do you decorate Guy's Blog?

But well, at least, I add some gadgets, but sometimes I update them. Because of that, this makes Guy's Blog grow for a bunch.

Question #02: What is Guy Network?

Guy Network will be a project which will contain three entertainment divisions: Guy Network Art, the art and design division, Guy Network Entertainment, the video production division, and Guy Network NetCheck, the web division. These divisions launch on June 9, 2014, while Guy Network Entertainment will launch three days later. A fourth division, a record label, named Guy Network Records, will plan to launch by Fall 2014.

Question #03: Will Guy Network keep its animations as the "animation library"?

Yes, of course.

Guy Network will not produce newest animations as of June 9, 2014. The old animations will be saved and will be transferred to the category named "the animation library", meaning that the old animations can still be watched as of 2014.

Question #04: Will Guy Network replace guyisbackable?

Yes, because of my GoPlus account expire (I ordered it for two years, in June 9, 2012, at my aunt's 27th birthday). Instantly, the company Guyisbackable inc., Guy's Blog, the guy9374 Network, and everything that is property of Guy will not change its name, instead for guyisbackable.

Question #05: What is Fox Harper?

Fox Harper is a TTS-related website designed for everyone aged 11.5 and up. It has an error request form, a provider to buy Guycks (no real money required, they are non-transferable.) and an error request form with a delayed submission.

Question #06: What is Guyisbackable?

Guyisbackable is a YouTube channel, launched first in January 24, 2012 as guy9374. It relaunched the same year in October 26 as guyisbackable, making it the update of the channel and new name. It will become Guy Network in June 9, 2014.

So that's all for today!

Write any questions us on guyisback11@gmail.com. Don't post them with bad grammar - all with bad grammar will be modified.

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