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Jun 28, 2014

Amusetravel 2014: journey 1 out of 3 - June 27, 2014, 17:30 CET

Journey one was done - let's describe the rides I rided two out of approximately 8 rides. Next journey is on June 28 at 15:00 CET.

Number one: roundabout #1 (2 extra rides)

It was a roundabout. I was taking the seat (it was not the cars around) and, starting to be in the anti-gravity world. Too, I also won two extra rides, catching that mascot Beary (how I call it) and another time, and then, one girl catched it the third time. It was super, great, and my mom showed a thumbs up position for winning two extra rides. A ride worker managed the ride and my mom paid just $1.179. What a shame!

Number two: A carousel #1 (no extra rides)

A plane carousel. Contained five planes in five colors: green, yellow, blue, red, purple. I chose the yellow one, because the green was too small for me, thinking it is extremely for younger kids. Took the seat and, it is just going up, going down, all around in the right direction.

Unrided and planned number three: Turbo Car (ride will happen in the 2nd journey)

The biggest roundabout and the biggest item after that pirate swinging ship, after a slide. It is like the first roundabout except it has its own license box with a worker! So big, and it is very tall, just, and you can see the entire amusement park. I saw only a FEW people rided a Turbo Car. It however has no damages - my mom thought it had, but it was false! Turbo Car had no damages and was very fast! I hope you stay tuned for the 2nd journey, in which we'll do the ride!

Jun 23, 2014

The Guyisbackable Amusetravel 2014!

The first in the series! Beginning June 27, and lasting until August 28, the Guyisbackable Amusetravel 2014 is starting in a few days! So prepare your seatbelts and go to wild adventures with Guyisbackable!

Explore wild rides, slides, the TURBO CAR, the Gully Mully roundabout, and most of good fun that you should be tuned live on the Internet when Guyisbackable comes home!

Premiering at 6:30 PM CET on June 27, the Amusetravel 2014 starts with only a few of the rides commented online at 10:30 PM CET!

Jun 21, 2014

Beginning to Transform Guyisbackable Into a Gaming Channel

Well, since my dad is starting to buy a new computer for me, which I say it is a gaming PC, I am going to transform the Guyisbackable YouTube channel into a gaming channel without commentary, through there will be some LP's and checkmarking! :)

Then, I'll start playing professional video games for PC and borrow his PS2-like controller for games, in order to play SOME games, not all, and to increase rapidly my popularity and possibly gain a bunch of freakin' G+ followers, I hope 1,000 at once.

It is interesting, though, I hope this all happens to me, and I'll be behind the most popular from YouTube. I hope this dream comes true, and even to surpass PewDiePie and to be the popular figure on this, entire website and to gain tons of subs :) :)!

Jun 4, 2014

Kill Garrett Shuts Down Due to a Garrett Fan Possibly Trying to Report the Website to FBI

It was true.

Live Benamore closed Kill Garrett, an anti-GarrettComedian website. Launched in March 1, 2014, it was going to be a website targeting GarrettComedian and his fans' account, which are for closure. However, Garrett's first account did got hacked by Daxter5150.

The reason was actually when a Garrett fan tried to report Kill Garrett, its content and owners, to FBI. However, it was known that the website will be brought back by Guyisbackable at killgarrett.webs.com and every IP address of Garrett's fans' cities will be blocked in order to prevent Kill Garrett access.

Jun 3, 2014

Discussing the Bitstrips Avatar

Well, everybody was maybe asking this question about my character:

Why do you have an unique Bitstrips avatar, not your character?
The answer is:

I opened my Bitstrips account on November 2012, and the reason my avatar is different was because it was made before Blue Mario was invented (he was invented on February 2013). As a result, I decided to have an unique avatar, but I kept my colors! Blue shirt, brown spiky hair, blue pants and black shoes - build up my "unique" Bitstrips avatar never made.

Something is not over! My avatar was made when I opened the account. I was making unpublished, then knew for publishing, then started Comedy, hmm...

...and over again.

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