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Jun 21, 2014

Beginning to Transform Guyisbackable Into a Gaming Channel

Well, since my dad is starting to buy a new computer for me, which I say it is a gaming PC, I am going to transform the Guyisbackable YouTube channel into a gaming channel without commentary, through there will be some LP's and checkmarking! :)

Then, I'll start playing professional video games for PC and borrow his PS2-like controller for games, in order to play SOME games, not all, and to increase rapidly my popularity and possibly gain a bunch of freakin' G+ followers, I hope 1,000 at once.

It is interesting, though, I hope this all happens to me, and I'll be behind the most popular from YouTube. I hope this dream comes true, and even to surpass PewDiePie and to be the popular figure on this, entire website and to gain tons of subs :) :)!

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