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Aug 20, 2014

"Русская версия" part 5 - AGAIN!?

We've once back with Russian ripoffs, actually I found 1 more Russian game!

Actually it's a Russian shitty pirate game called Ben 10 based on a popular TV series I loved (Slowly stopping to love), using the same engine as TMNT: Возвращение легенды, also known as slow gameplay, and 2 enemies maximum to appear on the screen. And, yeah, it sucks cock like no games has ever sucked ever before.

Due to a problem I'm unable to show the screenshot from the main menu.

Actually part 6 will focus on something else about pirates, so.

Aug 16, 2014

Guy's Q&A #7: The Guyisbackable XXL rumor

Current number: 0007

1. What is "Guyisbackable XXL"?

It will be a new video game. You have to go around Serbia, Indonesia, Belgium and US to meet my fans etc. and it is a 3D platformer. You battle against Zhen Hao's sockpuppets and company, and you pick lots of blue coins. Pick everything collectable, and Russia is unlocked for you!

2. What you do in each country?

Each "country" has a lots of territory, etc. Serbia covers the bottom half of Europe while Belgium covers the upper half of Europe. Indonesia covers the entire Asia except the Russia's part - Russia keeps its own territory alongside the US.

You do everything different. From tasks to stuff, everyone wants to talk to you in a different language's accent of English, etc. one Russian will speak like this: "Ar yu vanna fok vyt my?" in some vulgar content scenes hidden in the game in Russia.

3. How many stages?

Approximately 35 (28 if Russia not unlocked). Each stage is hard to complete. From battles to long tasks, boredom can decrease with the game, so.

4. More info?

In the next edition of this online publishing! 

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