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Nov 22, 2015

How to decorate the Christmas tree in November

As December is getting near and Christmas too, I have found an easy way to solve all so-called groundings for doing something early: decorating a Christmas tree.

There is a little of a month before Christmas, but a little longer for me, since I celebrate it on January 7 (they like decorating after December 25).

In fact, my mom has told me that December 25 is a suitable date to decorate the Christmas tree but I don't wanna make it suitable, since snow has just arrived to my area and I was just looking on a way to do it a little different: decorate it in November (yes, today, since a store in my street that I live, already has decorations! :D)

Notice: The blue theme on Guy's Blog will return on January 15, 2016.

So, let's get started.

1. If a person persists you to delay your decoration, never agree.

If you agree, it'll make you a stupid person who thinks that December 25 is nothing. According to a fictional belief, "decorating the Christmas tree after December 25 makes you an Orthodox obsessed person."

Think that your house is a shop where Christmas trees are just decorated. And then don't get attempted to simply hate that it's just November and that you want to decorate because of snow.

2. Prepare to hear no.

If you hear no, prepare slowly to agree with the person going on an other way. The so-called "other" way refers to just wanting to decorate the Christmas tree. Deal it into periods.

3. Find decorations.

Now that it's November, start decorating the Christmas tree! In your room the tree can be tall, with the maximum height being 1.5m (approx. 5 ft). Now begin decorating. You can put the broken baubles on the back on the tree, so that they could not be seen to the public thinking that your Christmas tree is garbage.

4. Lock the door of the room the tree is in!

Avoid getting grounded! So, prepare to lock the door of the room the Christmas tree is in. If someone asks you did you decorate the tree, say no and think that it was simply left locked in the bag it was before you began decorating.

Nov 13, 2015

"Русская версия" part 13 - Caliber of bootlegs

Welcome to part thirteen published on Friday the 13th on 1:13pm. That's it. Thirteens.

 Screenshot of Death Caliber.

This time we're discussing on a shooter game which is not made in Russia but IS in Russian. Of course, the game is released by Hummer Software, a company made by former Dragon-Co. members. The game was published on May 18, 2002 and released for Genesis, of course. It talks about 9/11, the thing that shocked the US, the bombing of WTC done by al-Qaeda. It's called Death Caliber.

As I found info on BootlegGames Wiki, there are no screenshots on there, but I have found a screenshot on YouTube (look above).

Nov 10, 2015

Reply to Alex Surge

Note: The following reply below is wrote like a document.

According to a statement which was made on November 10, 2015 at 11:35pm Guyish time, the following below is a public reply to Alex Surge:
Alex, I am stating that the comment you made over Square 5 was your opinion and you were ranting the game as unfinished and "crappy". Though it looks unfinished, the game was finished but the 2 player mode runs infinite. In the middle, I could tell you that the second reason it looks unfinished is because I made the game in one day, that's November 9, 2015, or yesterday.
Soon I will make an update, which anybody can install over their current Square 5 edition. We all know that not all things start bad and get on to become good. Until March, I will stabilize the graphics and improve the 2 player mode, and remove gradients, white color and completely change the current feel of the game and as a result stabilize it. However, I must work hard in order to stabilize the current feel and look of Square 5, while I will not touch any negative steps in its gameplay and its 2-player mode, nor even touch the current icon nor logo, which remain unaffected.
By the next update, I will put rounds, and add 3- and 4-player modes. I will also change the difficulty modes of Square 5 so that you get 3 options instead of difficulty passing like in some older games such as Alchemy, and over it I do not consider myself guilty on calling Square 5 crappy and unfinished.
The version 9.11.15, the current version of Square 5, will be replaced with a new version which would be released publicly on March 1, 2016 or earlier, version 1.03.16 or earlier.

Sincerely, Guyisbackable

Nov 5, 2015

Rant on lives, #1

Welcome to the first episode of a new "totally extravagant" show, featuring 8 topics and short, 2 row-like answers to what we wouldn't want to do in the future when we get something bad.

  1. I got a C from French. Why can't I remember the reason between the imparfait and passe composé? I asked my teacher days before the test, which was on Thursday, and I just knew that.
  2. Why I get grounded for getting a bad grade? My mom once said that I'll not get grounded no matter which grade! Aw shit! That's fraud of parenting.
  3. Why is this text purple? Because of the logo color. The logo is purple, so does the text follow that choice of coloring text purple for a special blog post category, hehe!
  4. The behavior scale of me JUST hit plus +51, which is way too near positive than you think what it should be! If it was -51 I would get grounded even if I get an A! Just joking.
  5. The Numbs are idle. They are not dead, but it's a hiatus due to that goddamn stupid school, more like "stupid crappy hours of our life".
  6. Fact of the week: EFPTOZ is a recognizable show. The first episode was posted a day before Halloween 2015 and nobody cares.
  7. The katichi (those two controversial twins in my school) get stroken again! Side N of them gets a warning just because of name-calling.
  8. Today I had a math test. With subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. What about the fifth operation? They are brackets. Hehe. Just joking.

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