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Nov 5, 2015

Rant on lives, #1

Welcome to the first episode of a new "totally extravagant" show, featuring 8 topics and short, 2 row-like answers to what we wouldn't want to do in the future when we get something bad.

  1. I got a C from French. Why can't I remember the reason between the imparfait and passe composé? I asked my teacher days before the test, which was on Thursday, and I just knew that.
  2. Why I get grounded for getting a bad grade? My mom once said that I'll not get grounded no matter which grade! Aw shit! That's fraud of parenting.
  3. Why is this text purple? Because of the logo color. The logo is purple, so does the text follow that choice of coloring text purple for a special blog post category, hehe!
  4. The behavior scale of me JUST hit plus +51, which is way too near positive than you think what it should be! If it was -51 I would get grounded even if I get an A! Just joking.
  5. The Numbs are idle. They are not dead, but it's a hiatus due to that goddamn stupid school, more like "stupid crappy hours of our life".
  6. Fact of the week: EFPTOZ is a recognizable show. The first episode was posted a day before Halloween 2015 and nobody cares.
  7. The katichi (those two controversial twins in my school) get stroken again! Side N of them gets a warning just because of name-calling.
  8. Today I had a math test. With subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. What about the fifth operation? They are brackets. Hehe. Just joking.

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