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Nov 10, 2015

Reply to Alex Surge

Note: The following reply below is wrote like a document.

According to a statement which was made on November 10, 2015 at 11:35pm Guyish time, the following below is a public reply to Alex Surge:
Alex, I am stating that the comment you made over Square 5 was your opinion and you were ranting the game as unfinished and "crappy". Though it looks unfinished, the game was finished but the 2 player mode runs infinite. In the middle, I could tell you that the second reason it looks unfinished is because I made the game in one day, that's November 9, 2015, or yesterday.
Soon I will make an update, which anybody can install over their current Square 5 edition. We all know that not all things start bad and get on to become good. Until March, I will stabilize the graphics and improve the 2 player mode, and remove gradients, white color and completely change the current feel of the game and as a result stabilize it. However, I must work hard in order to stabilize the current feel and look of Square 5, while I will not touch any negative steps in its gameplay and its 2-player mode, nor even touch the current icon nor logo, which remain unaffected.
By the next update, I will put rounds, and add 3- and 4-player modes. I will also change the difficulty modes of Square 5 so that you get 3 options instead of difficulty passing like in some older games such as Alchemy, and over it I do not consider myself guilty on calling Square 5 crappy and unfinished.
The version 9.11.15, the current version of Square 5, will be replaced with a new version which would be released publicly on March 1, 2016 or earlier, version 1.03.16 or earlier.

Sincerely, Guyisbackable

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