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Oct 30, 2015

What to do if your area doesn't celebrate Halloween

I found out that my area doesn't celebrate Halloween. But, I am 'gainst that.

But, if you live in a non-English speaking country, I can show you how to prepare yourself for faux Halloween.

1. Draw some lines on your face.

This may work best with a marker. No matter what color it is, find a marker (or a ball-point pen!), and then start drawing angry eyebrows, scary lines around your cheek, etc. and then don't wash your face! You will look angry so much everybody will be scared of you. You can also draw faux blood.

2. Do some angry poses.

Don't forget screamers! That's extensively important for both you and people around you, even those you know. When you arrive into a house, don't first say good afternoon or else, but just, scare them! Note: If the person is a mother, don't scare him enough so that the baby starts crying.

3. Act like a vampire.

Think you're a vampire. Then, if you think you can be like a vampire, simply put some red around your fac and, booo! If you don't have a red, you can use orange or pink. Then, act you're dead rising from the tomb and then prepare to scare people!

4. Build a fake tomb inside or outside your house.

This works for both miniature and 1:1-like size creatures. "R.I.P" is optional.

For miniature ones, you can use Lego bricks or you can make it from modelling clay (if you have!). You can use white or shades of gray.

For 1:1-like ones, you can use carton. First draw the folding net, then, start folding! But don't forget to cut around the border of your folding net. It's optional to color it, but I recommend you white or shades of gray, again. Then, when it's finished, put it outside your house in the morning of October 31.

I didn't want to forget, and I don't want to do that, to say, happy Halloween!

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