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Oct 18, 2015

Why can't we alone pick up clothing for important events as kids?

There was bad opinion as I was chosen pants (yeah, gay jeans) from my aunt's wedding (which occurred May 5, 2014, a year ago) and I just simply want to ask this question: why cannot we alone pick up our own clothing as kids before an important event begins?

I may start discovering the reason but I couldn't even still know what is that exact reason: why our moms and dads, give us specific clothing, and then we, as 6 year old children, and then we get the question: why can't we just pick our own clothing alone and instead decide to go on mother's lifestyle?

I never wanted to put on jeans, and I never will. Today my baby sister's baptism occurs (but my baby sister is 1 year old) and I was embarrassed when my mom chose those pants from the wedding for me to dress up them, but I refuse, refuse and refuse - I f***ing hate why do we dress up specific clothing as kids!

First of all I will never attend weddings due to loud music, I will never attend specific "gala"-like ceremonies - this is the last one I'm attending. First, the reason is, why does the bridesman hold kids in Serbia? Fuck that country, I hope I can migrate to a better thing.

End of story. The baptism of my baby sister is my LAST EVENT EVER I'm attending.

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