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Feb 26, 2015

"Русская версия" part 8 - Racing and shit bootlegs

We have finally stomped onto part 8 - as the Russian bootleg game business continues to grow and on and on.

We do not have always to look on shooters, platformers and stuff, but at least I found one racing hack of Fun Car Rally for Genesis - the most popular platform for those shitholes from Russia having a company that makes bootleg games just to be sold in Russia. Heck no, that company remains unnamed and sucks.

Screenshot from the main menu of Gran Turismo 5, the hack of the very popular PlayStation 3 game.

Finally we have a racing game to review it. Everything same: hacks, title screens displays just logo, no menu, simply that it couldn't be implemented into a racing game, for doing stuff just like that. And yes, it goddamn sucks.

The cover, cartridge and manual.

WTF? You can see these things in Russian stores. These include: the cover (left), cartridge (middle, down) and manual (right). In fact, note the "6+" rating on bottom left of the screen, finally admitting its ass that it says "для детей старше 6 лет" which means "for kids 6 and up". See? This ain't able to enter the American market since there is no logo of the company. They better produce original assy games not copy this shit! Awww this sucks so bad!

Gameplay screenshot.

We see that it couldn't be able to fit into TV so look the text: it is so so so close to the overscan anybody couldn't view the leftmost letters when playing this game on a pure console. If this was played on an elevator it would be great but NEVER!

I say, avoid these shitty stuff as they could damage your brain! You couldn't choose options, because of language. So bye, Russian fuckers.

P.S. More and more reviews will be done soon.

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