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Feb 22, 2015

"Русская версия" part 7 - WTF?

Well as I said on the previous post, I HAVE to continue the series as I found MORE and MORE pirates from Russia but...better not know, but now let's comment on them.

 Screenshot from Madagascar 3's main menu.

OK. Finally found a pirate. Now seeing, the English logo, the Russian menu, but....WTF? Notice the top. There are two Penguins of Madagascar characters, which is completely unrelated, hence "Madagascar". That good old movie, that franchise begun in 2005.

Screenshot of gameplay footage of the game. According to BootlegGames Wiki, this is the only level.

It is not bad yet, but Russian developers should make original games, but NOT to copy this crap. Well, just to notice you that it will receive 250/500, or simply 500/1000 or more simply - 50 percent.

Too bad this game has just a level. No further levels, just this level, and a title screen and a graphic hack. In fact, the original is A Dinosaur's Tale, which is simply a hack of the mentioned game, ADT. As a result this is shit.

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