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Aug 20, 2015

How to make your room look like you are grounded

I am tired of groundings. Those forms of punishments make barriers on computers, mobile phones, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. but you could do it your own way: this is a way to get yourself self-grounded. Hah! This is a way to make your room look like when you are grounded. Warning! Please be sure your electronics are in your room, otherwise, it may go partially or wholly - wrong.

1. Tidy your room.

Like a parent does to a small kid, the first step before you prepare everything is to tidy your room - like when you're one day told. Look out for things on the floor, and if there are some things, pick 'em all on time.

You may also like to make your room 75% tidied in order to look like you are really grounded for not tidying your room.

2. Start hiding electronics.

This is the main step. Look out for all your electronics in your room (also a part of your whole house) and, if you found one, quickly hide it somewhere (put in the bed mattress or put in a wardrobe cabinet and hide somewhere). You can also hide it in a particular thing then lock the thing until you choose to get ungrounded, then unlock it.

In case of relatives calling, just retain the mobile phone but do NOT turn on Wi-Fi in order not to be caught being already ungrounded during your grounding pretending period. Just play games and talk with your friends.

3. Avoid the risk of your parents seeing your room.

Your parents will likely see that your room is made to put some new electronics and stuff in here but actually there's a secret that your remaining electronics are still in it. A solution to avoid this is to lock your room and sparingly enter it, but do not do that when your parents are in a room near or next to it.

In other words, simply this is a reference so that your parents don't notice you during this activity.

4. Wait a 4 to 6 day period.

The period after is the restore time. You think that you were told in dreams that you are grounded for 7 days due to you not doing homework, right? Now it's time to restore everything up. Smoothly and gently unpack your electronics and put back where they were before when you got fakely grounded in your dreams - this'll get you ready to end your grounding.

If electronics were in other room, wait a little longer (8 to 10 days) and then smoothly begin to restore them, the same way like when you restored your electronics in your room, on a gently-like way but unnoticeable with doors closed in order to think that "your room was emptied and it is just a Recycle Bin cleaning, now I'm restoring up everything and it's back to normal".

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