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Jul 17, 2015

"Pусская версия" part 12 - Wing up your duck and chess asses

Part twelve, ass winged up, chess won the other way around.

One duck, one fuck, one Russian, one version. That's what's the topic about today's review, focusing on Darkwing Duck, yet another Russian step to the road to their "heaven" - piracy.

Darkwing Duck - the latest in the fuck.

To start, the game is nothing but bullshit. Again a hack, one level = good. What? Eh, not. Unlike others, this now has five stages, but for unknown reason (maybe due to length!), the stage 5 is divided into 2 parts: stage 5.0 and stage 5.5. ROFL! This is also made by the known Russian studio, due to the bad controls

Screenshot from the main menu of Darkwing Duck.

Now the other way around, our new neighbors.

You know chess? Well, yeah. A Russian studio has made the game up, simulating a true Chess game - but music is the problem. To promote Russia, the music used is predominantly Russian folk music. How can tradition be digital, huh? Only two songs are used. But the gameplay is predominantly pure as a medium difficulty Chess game. Win for the black - the black is the blog! 

Screenshot from the start screen of the Chess game.

Unlike others, this is the earliest Russian pirate - released in the '90s, unreleased and unlicensed, but the ROM is the only way of playing it ever. The two looping tracks ain't no loop good, and the studios are known, white and gray - BS Comp and PADIS, battling for the better studio, BS Comp thinks it's better, PADIS thinks it's not.

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