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Apr 4, 2014

Guyboarding: Level 10 is the boss battle, Guy versus Devil Guy

Kart battle! Like you were playing Mario Kart, you can enjoy a part of Guyboarding, in the game called "Guykarting". In it, you are having a kart battle against the computer. Devil Guy is the red Guy with devil horns and a blue kart. That is the reverse of Guy's kart, which is red.

Level 10 is divided into 4 different frames, in which the first 3 are the prepares for the battle, broadcasted on the TV station "RTV Knip", which is really invisible when you play the level. The score does not, however, add 1 to it every second, it goes static! In level 11, the score will add 1 to it every second again.

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