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Mar 29, 2014

A Notice About "In Real Life" Videos

On YouTube, I have recently found several "in real life" videos, which I found them however, by typing "In real life" videos, preceding with a good user name.

These videos and its makers' message which is now posted on Guy's Blog is a warning for them. The videos in which a good user is presented in a fake real life, can lead to major fraud.

If you continue to make "in real life" videos, I will terminate your account without notices on Gmail until 30 days after the account was terminated in case to be away from fraud.

If I find you making "in real life" videos from your new account, I will contact YouTube to terminate you forever. To be free from this notice, delete all your "in real life" videos now (except for me in which I do not want to decrease my videos' number).

I am, not as a joke, proclaiming "in real life" videos dead when I post this notice.

-Blue Mario

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