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May 13, 2014

How I started Mad Alex

Yesterday I got bored about making a game. Then, at all, I have started something on the same program I used to make Urkanoid 2. It was Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer.

I started a game called Mad Alex, a video game-styled thing similar to the YouTube video Желтый ВиД uploaded by Drakonchik1989.

Alex was created. He is a boy with a brown hair, blue shirt, red pants and cyan shoes. His hand is very magic. He can use it to shoot at the enemies, so.


The controls are: 
  • press A to shoot
  • press Space to jump
  • use left and right arrows to move Alex
When I thought about porting it into PS3, Space can be the cross while A can be the R2. To move Alex, use the D-pad or the analog stick.


The concept of the HUD was thought by me. Originally it went to include the timer, but I removed it later, and replaced hearts with a number counter for lives, next to the "x" string. A score counter even after the first HUD remains the same, so.

Later I made the HUD transparent, at coefficient being the number 50.

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