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May 18, 2014

Two News!

Today, we got two news:


When it was originally a spinoff of a video by Drakonchik1989, only one level was made. Later, I decided to scrap all the levels and start over. Mad Alex is now a game similar to a 2D shooter.

The same Alex goes over and over again. For the first time, in a 2D ship-like shooter, he is not in a ship: he has his own XP, and his own lives! :)

Actually, I removed the main menu but kept the title screen. That is it, now it can rock like it DOES! :) :)


After I got news while in a chat called "Anti-Chrome Hangout" which was a Hangout, I had to respect Joey's opinion. Today, I got good news:

I downloaded Firefox. Uninstalled Chrome, as well, it is now better than ever! :) :)

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