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Jul 23, 2014

"Русская версия" part 3 - beyond 16-bit pirated games

NOTE: If you haven't read part 1, it is here. If you haven't read part 2, it is here.

Still ongoing, but let's talk about just beyond 16-bit games. On Kotaku.com I have just found pirates of Xbox 360 games, with the infamous wordmark "Русская версия" again, now in a different font, and now being placed on bottom right. Let's now look at what I screenshotted from Kotaku.com:

"Русская версия" wordmark on a pirated copy of an Xbox 360 game, claiming it's on DVD

Yeah. You can see the red circled "Русская версия" wordmark on a red band, on the bottom right corner of a pirated copy of Batman: Arkham City for the Xbox 360. Yeah, on Xbox 360. On the top right on any Xbox 360 game, you can see "DVD-ROM" logo on the top right of every Xbox 360 game (including this one), with those Russian bad-ass copycats claiming they're DVD games.

Ah, yes. Xbox 360 was released in 2005, months before the release of huge seventh gen platforms, the PS3 and the Wii.

Part 4 will be the end of this story, but tomorrow, we are continuing to talk about bootleg! In part 4, I'll go back to 16-bit and meet 8-bit.

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