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Jul 23, 2014

Bootleg video games from Russia and "Русская версия"

Oh well. Bootleg video games, all, bootleg. But I cannot believe, why one unknown, Russian company, makes a lot of bootlegs, like that crap "Mario 4" and "Mario 3", and its infamous wordmark in Russian, saying "Русская версия" (Russian for "Russian version"). And, yeah, bootlegs. They suck! Hopefully:

  1. you buy one game, thinking it's original.
  2. you come home, check the Internet,
  3. and you find that the game you bought is a bootleg!
That is how unscrupulous video game companies like the franchises even, Mario, Sonic, TMNT, and other populars, are bootlegged! I saw on the Bootleg Games Wiki about bootlegged franchises, and who can know that badass Russian company's name that made Mario 4?

 Screenshot of "Mario 4" from Bootleg Games Wiki

And, yeah, Mario 4. It's all in Russian and Cyrillic, complete name in Russian: "Марио 4 - Космическая одиссея", which means "Mario 4 - Space Odyssey. And yeah, that was right.

 Screenshot from "Mario 3"

Now we faced Mario 4's successor, "Mario 3"! And yeah, the menu is similar to the Mario 4's, and full name of the game is: "Марио 3 - Вокруг света", meaning "Mario 3 - Around the World". Yeah. Those bootlegs, all from Russia, the Dendy, and everything, is now being placed away from my head.

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