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Feb 23, 2014

Guy's Q&A #6: All about Hijacking with Sony Vegas

Current number: 0006

Question #01: What was the idea for the series?

The idea was to make the series that have effects from pictures, such as they are made with Paint, or PowerPoint, no worries, such as electricity that we used to execute Gordon for intruding Sam, etc.

Question #02: Who are the main stars?

The main stars are Microsoft Sam and Radar Overseer Scotty, being a friend to Sam. In the episodes, Scotty and Sam do something together with some help.

Question #03: What is the period of posting new episodes?

The period of posting new episodes: everyday. It was decided by me because episodes are short, just have one or two events, and have nothing to be delayed for creating.

Question #04: Do you plan other characters?

Yes. At first, I will plan Mike and Mary in the 4th episode, Alan and Mr. Fatty at the 5th episode, etc. until Sam and Scotty be the characters only until the end.

Question #05: Are the series endless?

Yes. However, each 30 episodes will be one season, so, I must wait 5 days for the next episode to come: episode #31, and is not listed as "Season #2 Episode #1", just #31. My idea was to plan 100 seasons (just kidding!).

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