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Oct 27, 2013

Stories about Nintendo On - What is this???

Nintendo On is a fake video game console, unveiled at a video created by Pablo Belmonte from Spain, known by his display name psycho3ler. The video was created and posted shortly before Nintendo unveiled the Wii/Revolution (codename) at Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2005. As a result, "psycho3ler" (Pablo Belmonte) posted it as a "leaked Revolution trailer" as well. The hoax video (posted on YouTube in 2006 by a channel called Andrex) was beinng considered one of the greatest hoaxes in the world. The video lasts 6 minutes and 21 second, beginning with a Nintendo console history and ending with a start of Mario's adventure. By many, they choosed a Nintendo On video as a "true announcement of Nintendo's next generation system", codenamed Revolution and later born as Wii.

The Video

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