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Oct 10, 2013

Guyisbackable Reviews Microsoft Sam: The Movie

Microsoft Sam: The Movie is my own film, still in production. 3/15 parts were done. Part 4 will be planned today OR tomorrow. It stars Microsoft Sam as the flagship star in the movie.

How it all began?

It all began with the first part of a movie, with a part of it dedicated to Microsoft Sam's performance of his own first song produced in 2004 called Fat but sexy, on the arena of the Republic Song Contest of 2013 in Guy City.

Which part has the shortest plot?

Part 2. Why? Because it has a news program with only textual stories and only one single report by a reporter Microsoft Mary in Guy City. The news broadcast from the same city, as well, on another street. They broadcast from Unknown Street 28 in the Guy City, Republic of Guy's capital city.

Are there any highlights?

Yes! There's one in part 1 and one in part 3! Instantly, I must look up for songs sung by Microsoft Sam in a way I don't like, the way he talks instead of singing. I'll find them on the Internet.

Where will Part 4 locate?

It will locate in a single elevator, with Sam just being, looking up at elevator errors, crashes, being secure not to being stuck, and much more. The guest Mike will appear later in that same part.

Will be any full parts that take in night at city?

Yes. It will be Part 5 or Part 6.

Is there a poster?

Yes! Here's it, you can look at it right now!

It features Sam, Mike and Mary in one empty statue without anyone, as Sam, Mike and Mary are three flagship stars in the movie. The background behind that statue, Sam, Mike, and Mary is a dark-red gradient.
The statue is blue. In front of the statue, Sam, Mike and Mary, there is a text planted on it, the movie's off-screen logo and its release date. Above the statue, the text in front of it, Sam, Mike and Mary behind the text, there is a sentence saying:

Two, one, SOI!

in a yellow Accidental Presidency typeface. The movie is rated PG-13 due to mild strong language and mild violence in the movie, so anyone under 10 is NOT SUITABLE to view this movie.

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