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Dec 18, 2013

Sneak Peek: The Loading Screen, Platforms and the Only Playable Character

Hey folks!

Today we're showing the first sneak peek of our GoAnimate: The Game. It is, for the beginning of our game development, and for the start of the game on the start on your play after the finish of the development, the loading screen!

Loading screen

The loading screen has the game logo on the top center, the "Loading..." text re-ordered to make a "hill" and some white field for the bar. The background is blue like our real life's sky.

Below the "hill" field, a "gradient" from bright green to white appeared, meaning that the white was designed for the free field designed for the loading bar.

Also, a game creator was chosen: the game will be made with Stencyl.

The Playable Character

Hey, we didn't forget something: we also added a playable character that you can play this game as him. We have chosen a Cartoon Classics theme guy appearing on the game screens proud to you, Frankenstein!



The game will work on Flash, but an iOS version is also planned.

Stay tuned for more updates, also including updates on the iOS version, sneak peeks up until the final sneak peek, also known as the announce of the release date of our game! (websites you can play the game a.k.a the game's releasing places will be announced soon)

Goodbye until the next sneak peek!

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